Much in Common

Knotting, and neither Alex nor Hank know what’s coming.

Project On You

Suits Meme Fill: During a case it comes out that Mike has never had sex, which causes Harvey to develop a slight obsession.*

Friendly Fire Still Burns

Kink meme fill. Alex/Hank, epic teen couple, modern AU. Alex is the football captain. Hank is the president of the NHS and set for Harvard. Even though they’re broken up, prom can’t help but be an angsty love fest.*

Love Is the New Feel Awful

Gerard Way, a Cartoon Network peon in possession of the world’s worst taste in men, may have finally found the perfect boyfriend. Or a serial killer.* Based on the movie Head Over Heels.

The Apocalypse Files

They’re just superheroes trying to save the world: How Frank convinced Bob to run.*