The Risen

They all work on a cruise ship. Shit starts to get bloody after a shore excursion brings something unnatural on board.* One of my very favorite of all time.

Nothing’s Fair In Love or High School

Frank can deal with being a loser in high school, but he’d kind of like to stop being a loser who’s in love with his best friend, thanks.*

Pretty Much a Sex God

Wedding Planner AU prequel. Jon and Spencer’s first date zomg.*

I Wondered When Your Countenance Would Change (From Sunshine and Vanilla to the Raven Tones of Rage)

Some people are really good liars. Some people can lie like breathing, they can look you straight in the face and sell you on a green sky and a moon made of cheese and send you away happy.*

The Million Things We Never Were

Sometimes your suddenly sentient action figures need to teach you valuable life lessons. Just saying.*

I’ve Got New Shoes (Intelligence Included)

Patrick turns seventeen on the usual day and in the usual way: he oversleeps, cuts himself shaving, folds his birthday waffle in half (it has extra chocolate chips and a whipped cream smiley face with hearts for eyes that turns

Patricksitting (Call It A Love Song)

When Pete shows up Sunday, mid-afternoon, for ten days of house sitting and “Keeping a general eye on things, Patrick, we know you’re too old for a babysitter, but we worry,” he looks exactly the same, except for a stupid

Fuck the Paradox

Spencer says he has stupid hair.*

The Internet Is Not For Rockstars

If someone doesn’t take the Internet away from Pete Wentz, Patrick is going to choke a bitch.*

Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner (What We Do Is Love)

Ryan plans weddings! Just not gay weddings. Ok, maybe just this once.*


Spencer has a lot of good ideas. This is not one of them.*