Let’s Dance Like We Used To

There isn’t a world in which Danny wouldn’t go after Grace. So when Rachel moves the family to California, Danny goes with. Steve gets left to process life without Danny.

Series || Howling

It’s just a typical day for Five-0: someone’s out to kill Steve, Danny’s just discovered he’s been mated with, strangers are flying in looking for the existence of spirits, and the supernatural community of Oahu is in the balance.

They Said the Past Won’t Repeat

The Navy expected a result: capture Victor and Anton Hesse. Ten years have passed since Steve was sent to the mainland. He returns home in pursuit of justice, but he finds more than he bargained for after he meets Danny

Both Feet On the Ground

Eames vanishes for five days and comes back married. It takes twenty-five years for all the fractioned pieces to make sense in a bigger picture.*

Peanut Butter & Fixed Term Five Year Plans

Arthur’s first impression of William Eames was that no living man should ever have that much flour smeared over his face, that no real person should have that many tattoos, and that no person in his personal history had ever