Heartbeat at My Feet

Harvey is a vet and Mike gets sent to do community service hours there, and they fall in love. And save a service dog.*

All In

Harvey’s all but got the potential client in Pearson Hardman’s metaphorical lap when the kid walks in the room and changes—quite literally—the game.*

Step Eight

Mikey came awake to the buzzing of his pelvis and the annoyed realization that he’d clearly fallen asleep on his phone. He pulled it up, peered at the screen and noticed the time first. Three oh seven. Normally, that would

The Boys and Girls in the Clique

“Are you lost?” Spencer asked. “No,” the New Guy said, and continued to look in both directions while standing in the middle of the hall.*

39 Flavors

The first year they’d been together, Bob had called Spencer on Easter and said, “Happy Easter?” because he wasn’t really clear on exactly what Spencer’s brand of Christianity was. It didn’t seem to involve as much bitterness as Ryan’s, nor

Eight Times

Gerard recognizes him, and that’s not weird, but a little bit, because he was pretty sure the only boyband member he would recognize on sight was Timberlake and only then because of the whole “wardrobe malfuction” thing and whoa did


Bob says, “That was a pretty tight set you played there, man.”*

A Finer Command of Language

I called this the bus!accident fic while I was writing it. Largely because the premise is that Panic gets in a bus accident. I’m clever like that.*

Series || The Wednesday ‘Verse

Where Panic are largely rentboys, MCR runs a clinic, and FOB is off in Sausalito, saving the manatees.*

All My Best Titles Are Song Lyrics

Spencer, Ryan concluded, had some kind of magical powers. That, or the uncanny ability to sweet-talk his boyfriend’s friend’s friend’s security guards into getting them on the guest list for this entirely swanky, if rather vacuous and showy, party. It

Last In Line

In the town of Modest, it was ten thirty in the morning. The toilet paper factory the town’s economy rested upon was up and running, steam billowing from tall towers rising high above the entire town.*