“No!” she said immediately. “You want to fuck me!” he said gleefully. “No, and also we’re not even having this conversation,” she said in desperation, while her treacherous brain went right on vividly imagining every single minute of banging that

Kris and the Glambulge

“Uh, this isn’t — I’m not — ” Kris said, trying to decide if it would make things worse or better if he just dropped all the boxes.”*

Under Protest

Kris was pretty used to getting picked up at the peace protests by now, and he knew all the tricks for making the most of it. Going dead weight so it took multiple cops to drag you off gave other

Above Water

In which they get that trip to the Grand Canyon. Sequel to Fortunate Son.*

Fortunate Son

Fourteen across was auspicious, and he was writing in the p when the left side of the plane sagged out from under them, and they dipped what felt like ten feet all at once. David grabbed for his coffee as

Standing Up

This is a deleted scene from Winner Takes All, originally a follow-up to this bit: It had been bad enough walking into the Top 36 and being informed hey, you are not allowed to leave the house after ten at


Arthur was tipped back against the wall, his mouth open for breath and staring at the small arrow-slit window over Merlin’s head, trying to work out how it could possibly be that good with Merlin, of all people.*


So there was this clause in the contracts, where as long as he was single, he had to go out with another 19E client for at least four weeks at their request. “It doesn’t mean you have to, um, kiss

A Matter of Inconvenience

“Kriiiiis!” Allison came sailing down the stairs and nearly knocked him right back into the coach before he had even managed to get both feet on the ground. Kris steadied himself with one hand and hugged her with the other,

Time Of Your Life

It probably all started with the breakup.*

The Invasion

The planet shone outside the viewing deck, red-orange-jeweled under the swirls of violet cloud. Kris stood staring out at it, deceptively calm; they hadn’t started the landing yet.*

Sex Machine

The box showed up during tour rehearsals, and since Adam had all the self-restraint of a three-year-old on Christmas, he opened it right there on the spot and then started laughing so hard he fell over sideways onto the floor


Okay, so it had been really sweet of Kris the night of the finale, and Adam was not ashamed to admit it had made his sniffling inner thirteen-year-old girl feel a lot better at the time.*