The Bones of What You Believe

Brandon kneels because it’s what he’s supposed to do. It’s part of being a rookie, it’s part of belonging, it’s part of hockey. So he kneels. (In which Brandon Saad falls in love. Twice.)

A Very Kaner Christmas

Patrick blurts, “I need you to be my Christmas boyfriend.” “No,” Jonny says. He sounds confused, but in Patrick’s defense, it was a pretty straightforward request. Like, there’s only so much a guy can do. (A lighthearted Christmas fic featuring

This Love Is Be And End All

Jonny reads. Jonny reads plenty. Jonny is college educated (sort of) and Sharpy can suck his dick, because he reads all the fucking time, okay. Except, see, he sort of doesn’t, and then Sharpy challenged him to a book club,