In My Blood and In My Bones

Patrick’s not really into dudes—he’s done that whole thing a couple of times—that’s rock-n-roll after all, but god. when Jonathan smiles, he looks really good. Jonny is a nanny. Patrick’s a musician. They fall in love. Inspired by the movie

Words They’ll Write on My Tombstone

In which Patrick Kane gets a little hysterically obsessed with Jonathan Toews’ sexual prowess.

Let It Go

It could be said that Nate is going to the trainer for all the wrong reasons.*

High and Dangerous

Erik’s always dreamed of playing football for Bayern, but it’s Arsenal who comes calling. A soccer AU.*

Unethical Behavior In the Workplace

Nate works for a company in research and development. He doesn’t know how he sleeps at night. Better Off Ted AU.*

Series || Swan Princess Nate ‘Verse

Brad falls in love with a girl. Turns out she’s a man by day.*

The Lead Is Forward

Jared and Jensen go off to college. Turns out not everything is easy once the nightmare of high school ends.* Sequel to Caught In a Spin.

Caught In a Spin

Jared and Jensen are best friends in high school fighting feelings for each other, school work, team sports, and most of all the required ballroom dancing unit.*

The Flower Gleams

Sam isn’t the only one with powers. Unfortunately for Dean, his mystical ability to grow flowers doesn’t have the same awe-inspiring effect.*