A Little Bit of Your Taste (In My Mouth)

Coffee Shop AU. In which Clint owns the coffee shop that makes the best damn coffee Phil has ever tasted, and things only go downhill from there.

Months and Miles from Dreams

He’ll get used to it – he gets used to everything. But he’s only got five days before he’s back to Africa and it feels worthless, almost. Fucking mission, fucking Basher for getting caught out. Now he’s here, wandering the

Like You Want Me To

So it’s easy, when they’re drunk and high on winning, and they’ve been dancing for a while, and Kaner is so so close and breathing heavily against her ear. It’s so easy to say, “Wanna go back to mine?”

Cool Beans, Bro

Your typical coffeeshop AU, full of pining, boys and their feelings, a hold-up, Shawzy (as a girl) being badass, Segs being promiscuous, and Kaner and Johnny being helplessly fond of each other.

Move the Pieces Until We Fit

Patrick Kane’s life – two jobs, three sisters, a sick mother – changes drastically when Jonathan Toews – local star, prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks, recently injured – comes back into town. It shouldn’t make sense but it does, it

Happiness Is Homemade

It’s not easy, running a Jersey-style bakery in Hawai’i. Things get a little easier (and a whole lot more fun) once Danny meets Chin and Kono’s friend, the one who enjoys leaning against his glass cases despite all of Danny’s