Orbital Resonance

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews should probably have figured out the first time what this type of behavior meant.

They Set Their Hearts Upon You

Brad and Nate are models. They fall in love.

In My Blood and In My Bones

Patrick’s not really into dudes—he’s done that whole thing a couple of times—that’s rock-n-roll after all, but god. when Jonathan smiles, he looks really good. Jonny is a nanny. Patrick’s a musician. They fall in love. Inspired by the movie

Words They’ll Write on My Tombstone

In which Patrick Kane gets a little hysterically obsessed with Jonathan Toews’ sexual prowess.

None So Blind

Brad is blinded on his latest deployment and when Nate finds out he drops everything to go to him.*

Let It Go

It could be said that Nate is going to the trainer for all the wrong reasons.*

Diamond in the Rough

Grant graduates from college, promptly has a mental breakdown, and winds up in Stockholm, all without being quite certain how it happened. A Micke (Alexander Skarsgard)/Grant Hillman (Stark Sands) fic. *

High and Dangerous

Erik’s always dreamed of playing football for Bayern, but it’s Arsenal who comes calling. A soccer AU.*


Brad’s a cop, Nate’s an FBI agent. They go undercover as a gay couple.*

The Lead Is Forward

Jared and Jensen go off to college. Turns out not everything is easy once the nightmare of high school ends.* Sequel to Caught In a Spin.