Don’t Get Yourself in Situations

Bill’s been on the move for years, and so accustomed to keeping her heart closed off due to self-protection she’s a little out of touch with how others perceive her. Tommy’s used to getting everything she wants, but has never

Alpha Matters

Bill rescues a bit of grey fluff from the bushes. Maybe it was altruistic; maybe he just likes to accessorize. Tom isn’t thrilled with the idea of adopting another pet, and neither are their dogs, but his first mistake is

Two Against the World Series

In 2020, the demons descended. The cataclysmic event came to be called “The Rising,” and the world that came after was called “Post-Apocalyptic,” though for North America most ways of life were preserved when the Walls went up around the

From the Inside Out

When Bill, a shy withdrawn guy who’s completely closeted, ends up thrown into an unexpected situation with Tom, the encounter throws them both off balance. The changes in their relationship and the way they relate to each other cause them

The Blue of Desire

Bill Trumper’s best friend Tom Kaulitz is the envy of all straight men, getting it with countless pretty girls whenever he wants with no strings attached. Bad news for Bill, who knows the best course is to keep his crush

The Hottest Part of the Fire

Bill Trumper was having one hell of a day, and didn’t care who knew it.* Sequel to The Blue of Desire. you’ll need to register for this.

Count the Ways

Bill thinks Tom should be sweeter. Tom’s kind of pissed that Bill doesn’t see it.* You’ll need to register for this.

At Sea For You

Tom Trümper has had it with everything in his life, including himself. After smashing up one too many hotel rooms…and cars…and guitars…his management packs him off on vacation, but it’s not exactly what he signed up for. Stuck on a


Tom Kaulitz came to the U.S. to pursue his culinary dream – to become a celebrated chef, one of the stars in New York’s luminary-studded fine dining sky. He seems thwarted at every step by his rival Bill, who’s been