Series|| Forever, Now

Gerard and Mikey have lost their parents, but they’ve found Brian.*

The Negotiation Limerick File

Have you any funny stories behind the making of the album [pretty. odd.]? “We can’t… I mean…” “We can’t tell you any funny stories because we’d probably be killed.” – Jon and Ryan being interviewed by NME.com*

Be One Traveler

“If skaters were to spend time with their competitors, pushing competitive feelings aside, they would probably find that they actually have a lot in common. As much as they like to tell the media that they‘re complete opposites, underneath their

Broken Arms and Blow Jobs

It’s Brendon’s fault, so Spencer doesn’t feel bad at all groaning really loudly and complaining. “It hurts,” he says, feeling whiny. “It hurts and it sucks.”*


Adventures in Office Romance; or, His Rumpled Secretary

It’s a Harlequin romance novel, starring bandboys. Yes, that involves many of the clinchy, shmoopy cliches you’re thinking of. In which Brendon is Spencer’s secretary, and somehow Spencer has never really noticed him before.*

What Comes Around

Spencer has some issues with Jon, but he’s too busy to worry about them because people are trying to kill his band.* Follows the Negotiation Limerick File and The Grasshopper Unit.

Just Can’t Get Enough

College life can be stressful. Luckily, Frank has plans.*

It’s Almost Halloween

“I think,” said Brendon, “that something’s wrong.”*

The Grasshopper Unit

One of Mikey’s wacky inventions gets used by accident. Mayhem and toddlers ensue.* Sequel to the Negotiation Limerick File.

The Second Law of Panic at the Disco

Er, a while back we were goofing around with the Laws of Panic at the Disco and we came up with ten.*