What Comes Easy

Kaner’s determined to never grow up; Tazer’s determined to grow up as quickly as possible. Over eleven years of summer camp, they learn to meet in the middle. Set in stlkrchk’s Camp Quaquanantuck universe.*

Human Empanada

Kaner, a traditionally useless Prince of America, and Tazer, the Heir Apparent of British Canada, don’t know each other when their mothers arrange their engagement. Once that’s done all they have to do is get to know each other, get

If Heaven’s Hypothetical

Jeff runs away from Toronto and finds himself homeless in Raleigh, where he accidentally starts serving eggs to Eric Staal.*

It’s Warmer When the Rum’s Gone

It’s the high seas at an indeterminate point in history. Gruesome Gerard and Lyn-z face off in a contest of who will be the dominant do-gooder, with Ray the cook, Mikey the first mate, Pete the stowaway, Frank the failed

Hear Me Out

It’s not so much the turning into a girl that’s a problem; that’s happened before. It’s the fact that Frank doesn’t turn back.*

Rubber Ducky (You’re the One)

Turning into a bright red rubber duck isn’t top on Dean’s list of “Oh Shit, I Would Give Anything For This Not to Have Happened” Things, but it’s definitely number two. Well, okay, maybe number three.*

State Line

Age of consent laws suck almost as much as Pete won’t.*

Spider Honeycom

Pete is not the most observant person in the world.*

Good God I Wish I Was Back In My Time

Andy creates a wormhole, Patrick from the past shows up, shenanigans ensue.*