How to Find Your Dragon

Vikings rely on their dragons for just about everything. So Bill, the village’s only dragonless Viking, is destined for a lifetime of misery, solitude, and all-around loserdom. Or is he?*

When You Wish

When Bill makes a wish on the first star of the night, he wishes for the perfect man. …what he gets is an inconsiderate jerk named Tom.*

Must Love Dogs

After sifting through canine nutritionists, pet psychologists, and professional dog trainers, singer Bill Kaulitz hires handsome dog walker Tom Trümper to look after his babies. Will he get more than just another employee?

The Valentine Cynic

The Cynic and his Optimist have been together since Christmas, and Bill, with his usual disdain for holiday commercialism and hypocrisy, has talked Tom out of celebrating Valentine’s Day. No cards, no jewelry, no chocolates, nothing. But is that really

The Hand You’re Dealt

Bill, a mutant who absorbs memories, thought patterns, and abilities with a simple touch, finds himself in the sewers of New York, searching for others like him. He finds them. *

The Christmas Cynic

Bill’s radio show provides its listeners with their weekly dose of cynicism, and an extra helping in December, a time of year that brings out the worst in Bill Trumper, the Christmas Cynic. Enter one Tom Kaulitz, the most optimistic