Ordinary Numbers

More than anything, Mike Taylor wanted to be ordinary. Being a genius, he learned early in life, meant people expected too much. A career at the MI6 Help Desk seemed the perfect way to guarantee a lifetime of obscurity, until

Red Queen to Overwatch

After returning from the dead, James Bond moves into a new secure flat, only to find that his new neighbour is either: a scruffy teenager, a brilliant computer geek, a mad scientist, or the sexiest genius he’s ever met. Two


Five years ago, Commander James Bond of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy left England in disgrace, escaping a court martial — and what should have been a promising career in MI6 with Alec Trevelyan, his oldest friend. He becomes a mercenary,

The Study

James Bond is an expert at planning first dates. When this one doesn’t make it out of Q’s study, he counts it as a success.

Series || The Marketplace

During an MI6 investigation into black market sales of Ministry of Defence assets, James Bond discovers what he believes to be a human trafficking ring called the Marketplace. He infiltrates the organisation as a buyer, but remains focused on his

Skyfall Lodge

After Silva’s escape from MI6 custody, Alec Trevelyan drags MI6’s new, brilliant Quartermaster to the safest place he knows: Skyfall Lodge, home of reclusive ex-soldier, James Bond. Grudgingly, Q accepts the technological isolation as necessary for his own safety, and

The Offering Tree

In 1993, while on leave from the Royal Navy, James Bond brings Alec Trevelyan to Skyfall Lodge. There, he hopes to find the privacy and courage to discover if Alec is just interested in friendship or if he, like James,


A few months after the Skyfall incident, Q’s sister gives him the excuse he needs to finally take a last-minute holiday at her cottage in Wales, but a priority two security threat means Q can’t go alone. For James Bond,