This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name)

Cosa Nostra: (kō’sə nō’strə) etym: Italian n. The branch of the Mafia operating in the United States. Literally, “our thing” or “this thing of ours.”*

Thirty-Six Hours and Fifteen Minutes

It turns out knowing that Steve’s breath catches whenever you press teeth against his throat doesn’t mean he can’t still make you want to murder him whenever he launches himself off a roof in pursuit of a suspect or decides

Series || Well, shit.

Madonna is informing her Papa that he shouldn’t preach, because she’s keeping her baby. Danny raises his spoon. “Sing it, sister.”*

No I in Team

In which no one on Five-0 wants to act out military-themed gangbang porno. Sadly.* I sincerely wish there was more of this.


“Oh my God, this shit has developed a narrative thread,” Chris marvels.*

Dr. and Mrs. Princess Whitelaw

Inspired by screamlet’s excellent First Date, after which leupagus hypothesized that Chris Pine was thisclose to giving it all up and going back to Berkeley to teach English literary theory. Screamlet, bless her heart, didn’t call the police.*

Driven Outside and Driven In

Five Times Nick and Mia would’ve totally Done It had it not been for the fact that this is a kid’s movie.*

Girl, You’re Like a Weird Vacation

It takes a lot of persuading to get “Spock” and “shore leave” to interact on any meaningful level.*

Series || Only Good For Legends

Detective Spock, born on Vulcan and resident of San Francisco, is assigned to the Midwest police bureau. I think everyone can guess what happens next.*