How to Become a Man

In which Kaner gets spontaneously de-aged into a six-year-old, and he and Tazer both have a lot of growing up to do.*

A Tale of Two Kaners

It was the best of Kanes, it was the worst of Kanes.*

Thirst For Liquid Gold

In which Jonathan Toews loves Patrick Kane, no matter what.*

Happiness Is Not a Fish (That You Can Catch)

In which Johnny takes Patrick home to Winnipeg for the summer. Clothes sharing, fishing, wooing, stargazing and assorted Canadian wackiness ensues.*

The Best Parts of Lonely

Boarding school AU. Or; In which there is homesickness, bedsharing, emotional ineptitude, pining, crying, and an excessive amount of T.J. Oshie.*

Sugar Dumpling Muffin Baby

Because seriously, what’s next? Hand holding? Kissing when they’re not even going to have sex? In which pet names lead to feelings, or possibly the other way around.*

Series || Where the Wild Things Are

Seeing Johnny skate, Patrick realizes two things at the same time. One, Johnny is an incredibly gifted, terrifying hockey player, and two, Patrick is completely and irredeemably gay for him. Also, he’s definitely a vampire, but whatever, Patrick doesn’t really