If You’re Running Out of Breath and Your Building’s Burning Down

It isn’t witches this time. “Forest. Nemeton. Come, please. Hurry. Now.” The line goes dead, and Derek’s heart stops still.

How to Become a Man

In which Kaner gets spontaneously de-aged into a six-year-old, and he and Tazer both have a lot of growing up to do.*

And It’s Over, And I’m Going Under

And that’s the story of how Kaner finds himself slumping down to the floor against his best friend’s front door, shaking a little and half covered in goosebumps. Sporting a semi and fighting the urge to cry.*

The Awkward Life and Times of Mike Ross (Fool’s Gold)

Written for the prompt: Mike sees Harvey naked, just once, just for a second. He means to forget the image — he really does — but with his memory, it sticks in his mind as clear as if he took

Loving Like It’s Breathing

The idea here is that this is a fic in three and two parts. The phone call from both sides: desperate!Mike and needy!Harvey, and then the after party of both.*

White Rabbit’s Adventures in Manhattan

Harvey Specter hates kittens. Puppies, turtles, goldfish, guinea pigs – if it’s a commonly kept household pet, Harvey has nothing but palpable scorn for it.* Sequel to Friends? I’d Say Family.

Series || Friends? I’d Say Family

Harvey’s eyes go wide and then he disappears back inside, leaving the door open for Mike to peer around and then step through to double check because surely he can’t really be seeing what he thought he saw.*