“You keep – ow! – ace bandages inside your jacket?” Felicity is mind-boggled by this. “Like – inside?” “Yes,” Oliver says calmly, like this is no big deal at all, like it’s totally normal for somebody to sew medical supplies

Bunny Rabbits Are Not the Only Food Group

The only thing stupider than getting killed is getting killed because there’s not enough fiber in your diet.* LOVE

Husband-Revealing Magical Lemonade (or, How Kris Learned to Keep Calm and Just Go With It)

If I’d known I was following some Middle Ages husband-finding potion I totally wouldn’t have listened to it!*

Papa Don’t Preach

It’s not actually happening. No, like – Kris knows what that little plus sign means, that little, evil plus sign, but – it’s not really there. This is all a hallucination. It makes so much sense.*

This Evening’s Empire

Prince Kristopher gets a lot of proposals.*

Steady As She Goes

It sort of sneaks up on him, halfway through the train ride to Niagara Falls, during an innocuous moment when Parker casually props her feet up on an empty seat, her calf brushing his in the cramped space.*

The Truth Is Sexy

“Now listen. I know you don’t think of yourself as a famous person, but news flash, non-famous people don’t get invited to things by Lady Gaga, so do me a favor and pretend you’re a normal celebrity, just for tonight,

I Got Places You Can Lay Your Head

in which Kris runs away, and Adam chases after him, eventually.*