The fifth stall in the men’s washroom at King’s Cross station had had a “Closed For Repairs” sign on the door since 1973.*


You certainly never forgot who you were kissing with Sherlock.*


Someone else unearthed a deck of cards, but it became obvious pretty quickly that there was no point to poker in this crowd. Nobody had any tells, except Banner, who was a comically open book. Kids’ games worked better, because,

Steve Likes Tony

One of them is very confused.*

American Way

When crime victims are afraid of Canadians, Ray and Fraser have to do a little cultural exchange.*

A Modest Proposal

Ray has the perfect solution to his romantic woes. Strangely, Fraser isn’t cooperating.*


Even over the rising wind, the scent hit Ray as soon as he came in sight of the cabin, a fruity, spicy, Christmasy smell.*

Too Sweet

Fraser cooks. Then Fraser and Ray cook.*


This slave owner thing was a lot of responsibility.*