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In the morning, it’s not weird, so Tyler takes Jamie to a Mexican place. They get breakfast burritos to go so they can eat in the park. “Go to the movies with me on Monday,” Tyler says. “Okay,” Jamie agrees.

Texas Heat

He can’t pretend getting traded didn’t gut him. He gave that city his all, and some part of him really thought it was going to be a for-life thing. But he can see, now, that Boston wasn’t actually that good

Series || Take It Slow But Don’t Warn Me

Andrew is curled up in the corner between the bathtub and the sink, breathing hard and too fast with his head on his knees.

Fight or Run, You’re Just Getting Older

Contrary to popular belief, weres don’t actually need alphas. Patrick never had one, since he’s the only person in his family with the gene, and his parents didn’t push him into finding one. Alphas make their betas better; they keep