Series || Extra Curriculars

According to every TV show Brent’s ever seen, every school has a guy like Duncan Keith: the weird outcast who wears all black and listens to metal. High School AU.*

Flip the Switch

“Shit. Oh shit.” He pokes himself in the face and watches Seabs’s reflection do the same.*


Seabs is a high class escort, and Duncan is his john.*

If Heaven’s Hypothetical

Jeff runs away from Toronto and finds himself homeless in Raleigh, where he accidentally starts serving eggs to Eric Staal.*

Incidental Contact

Brent doesn’t understand why his linemate and roommate is being so weird about his Olympic fling with Johnny Weir.*

Loosening My Grip

Brent’s got the werewolf thing pretty well under control after 24 years, but one little concussion and some emotional turmoil centered around his best friend/defensive partner makes things harder than they’ve ever been before.*


Jeff/Eric have sex when Jeff’s seventeen and Jeff gets pregnant. And then pining for your baby daddy.*

Brand New Fashion

Patrick has his headphones on, which is like saying Patrick has pants on – except that his teachers don’t make him take off his pants during class, which Patrick appreciates.*