How Far Do I Have to Go to Get to You

Stiles never knows if it’s worse when Derek Hale steps out of the shadows or when he slinks back into them; either way, Stiles never expected to have this many feelings about his stupid old yellow owl shirt.*

No Soul to Sell

“You’re the first person to pull off inception,” Mal says, to Eames, not bothering to mask her own delight, “and you did it with your penis!”*

Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry

A high school AU wherein Eames is a shy sweet nervous drama geek and Arthur is the confident popular gorgeous student council president; and lo, there is much pining and awkwardness and, eventually, kissing.*

Series || Steinway!verse

Being a freshman piano performance major at a prestigious New England conservatory is difficult enough without landing the school’s star baritone as your singer, and inevitably, your hopeless crush.* Oh my god.

The Sweetest Downfall

Eames had long since thought of Arthur’s hair as permanently gelled into obedience. He’d had no earthly idea how – how wanton it could be, curving and wet at the tips and softening Arthur’s whole face.*

The Sink That Ate Christmas

Five years after the end of Omiai, Clark and Lex host their first Christmas in their new house.* Sequel to Omiai and The Oak Tree and the Cypress.

The Oak Tree and the Cypress

When you begin something, if you are wise, you realize that the beginning presages its own ending.* Sequel to Omiai.


A long story about Froot Loops, celery salt, dorkdom, and — oh yeah — marriage.*