Runs In the Family

It just figures, Alex thought sourly, watching the rain pelt down across the windshield of Hank’s car. Six months trying to chat the guy up, and he only actually notices when it’s a crisis? Fuck my life.

Arranged Marriage

The kingdom of Genosha was built around a bay, shining water reflecting the sun, cobblestone streets winding through colourful fisherman’s huts close to the piers, houses getting taller and taller the closer his carriage got to the center of town,

Playing With Fire

“Do you know what I’d do to you, if I had you in my possession?” asks the killer pleasantly. “I assume you’d kill me,” says Charles, phone cradled on his shoulder as he dries the dishes. The killer lets out

Much In Common

Hank’s been alone in his lab for three days. Alex is all about giving people their space, and processing time, and whatever else the Professor likes to babble on about, but this is enough; Alex draws the line.*