Series || More Myself With You

I don’t think I will write a proper sequel to More Myself with You, but I like that universe, and I intend to go back there from time to time. This is not a work in progress, as in I

Series || Kaleidoscope

Kris Allen’s biggest concerns used to be trying not to fail his classes, and his best friend wanting to find them matching trophy boyfriends. Now his biggest concerns are more like trying to find his best friend, and this scary

Solo Virtuoso

Adam Lambert, rising star of the LA music theatre scene, doesn’t get much chance to meet potential boyfriends. Performing six nights a week limits the possibilities for socialising so when his friend Alisan suggests he try a lunchtime speed-dating event,

Physician, Heal Thyself

“He’s so hot when he’s competent, isn’t he,” Brad says. “All doctorly and ordering people around and saving lives.” The last part is accompanied by a sigh Kris isn’t sure he’s heard outside of soap operas.*

Forget About the Sunrise

Adam Lambert has been receiving threatening letters and ‘gifts’ from an obsessed fan. When the stalking escalates, Adam’s record label refuses to allow him to go on tour unless he agrees to a bodyguard. The plan is to hide someone

Rewrite Our Story

Ten years ago, Kris and Adam met in Rue Falls and fell in love with music and each other. But after that summer, they lost touch and led different lives. Now, Kris is working as a chef in Rue Falls

Melt Into Time

When Kris finds out that Adam has gotten engaged, he makes a hasty decision and takes a step backwards.*

Falling Stars

Kris Allen gave up on his childhood daydreams of making music years ago, and instead has settled comfortably into a life making bouquets at his flower shop in Hollywood. He’s not looking for trouble and he’s certainly not looking for

Series || To Make You Feel My Love

After spending one night together, Kris and Adam can’t stop thinking about each other.*

Don’t You Even Dare (Give Me That Come Back Stare)

Kris Allen participates in a charity bachelor auction; Adam Lambert wins a date with him.*

Pop Goes the Camera

Five mid-week lunches, two weekend sleep-overs, and one highly memorable trip to a club neither of them should have been seen at, and the tabloids were going crazy, their management had six almost-heartattacks and an aneurysm, and their fake relationship

Like the Music That You Play

Kris shows up on Adam’s tour, and decides to stay.*

Knocking On Your Door (Baby, Baby, Please Now)

Future fic. Kris and Adam suffer from perpetually bad timing, but a near brush with death makes Kris realize that some things in life are worth fighting for.*

To Taste

In the game of love, food has an unfair advantage. In which Kris is a gourmet chef, and Adam is a Hollywood PA on a simple lunch run.*

Dazed and Clueless

High school AU. Brad decides that Kris and Adam ought to be dating, so he hatches an elaborate scheme and involves everyone else in the plot.*

A Kiss From a Rose

Some people looked forward to carnation day all year; for others, it was a personal hell.*

Media Ready: A Love Story

Written for horrorparties’s DonorsChoose request – “Maybe something angsty? With longing?”. Much thanks to deannawol for the beta and nitpick.

Everything All the Time

“I’d totally hit that,” Kris laughs.*

The Taming of the Shrew

Kris thought he was honestly prepared for anything after Adam came home with six bags of prunes to prevent constipation, and tried to make him dry swallow a box of antacids: ‘Just in case, Kris, the books say heartburn is

The Love of My Fucking Life

Kris feels like he should say something, something meaningful, that can sum up their relationship: beautiful parting words maybe, or even cruel ones, but something better than this horrible silence that stretches between them. It’s no use. He’s always been

You Kind of Stayed With Me

Yeah, Adam’s gay, and has an extensive knowledge of flowers and fabrics and he makes fantastic color palettes for weddings, but…does that mean that he has to be the walking stereotype of a wedding planner? *


“Adam knows that sometimes, life surprises you with irony. And sometimes, life bitch-slaps you with it.”*

His Last Hurrah

This is a romantic comedy fic…not angsty one. Kris is told he only has three months to live (we find out later there was a mistake at the hospital and he really isn’t dying) so he decides to spend it

Of Darkness and Light

Adam Lambert, a young L.A. musician, lost his sight in a car wreck that also took the life of his lover. Now, two years later, he has finally put that dark time in his past– but how will he cope

Love You Anyway

Adam wakes up married. But he’s not in Vegas and it’s seven years after he fell asleep.*

Husband-Revealing Magical Lemonade (or, How Kris Learned to Keep Calm and Just Go With It)

If I’d known I was following some Middle Ages husband-finding potion I totally wouldn’t have listened to it!*

The Only Engine of Survival

Kris has been scared for so long that the fear has become a part of him. A constant current just beneath his skin, honing his every instinct until he becomes one with the forest, every sight and sound directly wired

All of My Tomorrows (With You)

While Kris Allen, undercover LAPD, is on assignment, he meets Adam Lambert, with whom he feels a deep connection. Kris breaks his own rule about forming relationships while undercover and sleeps with Adam, only to discover that Adam is DEA

Series || From This Moment

The Contemporary Arranged Marriage Kradam Fic.*

You’re Dumbstruck Baby (By My Lovin’)

Musical Tour AU. The one where Kris is almost painfully clueless but Adam wants to date him anyway. *