“You keep – ow! – ace bandages inside your jacket?” Felicity is mind-boggled by this. “Like – inside?” “Yes,” Oliver says calmly, like this is no big deal at all, like it’s totally normal for somebody to sew medical supplies

Better Than Anything

Adventures in the art of getting Felicity to come (yes, it’s exactly that smutty).

The Green Diamond

Felicity Merlyn, free-spirited sister of Tommy Merlyn, lives under the dark shadow of the green diamond. The victim of threats from privateers who believe her brother possesses the precious stone, Felicity is a virtual prisoner in her own home. She

Pink Drinks and Pick-Up Lines

Reeling from being stood up on a blind date, Felicity sort of accidentally hits on the brooding guy on the barstool next to hers and adventures ensue.

Tell Me A Story

When Felicity needs a date to her cousin’s wedding, Oliver comes to her rescue. As the weekend progresses changes in their relationship develop.