Nathan Stark’s Town for Peculiar People

Jack Carter and his daughter Zoe experience a pretty disastrous start to their road trip vacation when they get completely lost out in the middle of nowhere and then crash the car. They seek refuge in the nearby town of

The Science of the Heart

Jack Carter loves everything in Eureka except for two things: scientists boosting their egos with ridiculously dangerous science and Nathan Stark. One particularly difficult day, he goes for a drive and happens across a car accident. The victim? Nathan Stark.


Nathan realizes something important after Carter is seriously hurt.

Series || Multi-Verse

Carter, Allison, Henry, Jo and Fargo caused a lot of uproar back in 1947. Lots of little changes that could lead to lots of alternate versions of present day Eureka.

Oldest Story In the World

After fifteen years as an un-bonded Sentinel, Jack Carter has come to terms with the reality that either his Guide doesn’t exist or is one of the many who chose not to join the Sentinel-Guide Union. Between his daughter’s rebellions,

Thorns for Flowers

In the sixteen years since Jack left Eureka, he hadn’t missed the strange technology and odd fix-its being dreamt up by the town geniuses. Until he lost his sight, that is.


Marshal Carter and daughter didn’t crash in Eureka six months ago. Now US Marshal Jack Carter is sent undercover to connect with a scientist who might be able to help him take down a criminal the FBI, NSA, and a

In the Corners of My Mind

A GD experiment goes awry, as always, and from then on in it’s a race against time, with hilarity, forgiveness, regret and a dash of angst thrown in for good measure. Jack/Nathan. Set in the same ‘verse as A Second

Lantern for the Lost

He’s displaced in time and it just figures that the only person he can even slightly reach doesn’t have anything resembling the knowledge to help him.

The Part Where You Let Go

When Jack takes it upon himself to stop the timeloops, it’s up to Nathan to bring him back.

Series || Entangled ‘Verse

Proving string theory is one thing; dealing with the consequences of tangible proof is something else.