Series || Loud and Clear

The thing with Roy is founded on coffee snobbery and stupid text messages and seriously awesome makeout sessions in the car. Oh, and the love of a lifetime, or whatever.

Button Up Your Overcoat

Ed could untie knots in the fifth and sixth dimensions — blindfolded. He could convince the military he fell through a rabbit-hole, and he could even shut down a Drachman invasion (with a little help), but he can’t seem to

Dreaming in Red and Gold

When Drachma agrees to meet for peace talks at Briggs Fortress, General Roy Mustang is the one sent to represent Amestris. It just so happens that the Drachmans have their own Amestrisan, who is far too skilled at turning the


Two years after retrieving his brother’s body from the Gate of Truth Edward Elric is still paying the price. Will his debt ever be repaid, or will it finally cost him everything?*


“I know it sounds stupid, but that’s what the reports said. Tormented shrieks coming from one of the country estates.” A simple investigation into the bizarre leads to fatal consequences, or so it seems…*

Series || Leading the Blind

Roy adjusts to a life of legal blindness, and Edward avenges three years of short jokes.*

Nuclear Blanket

So. Edward in his bed. Older, taller – Roy had been hard pressed not to laugh at the startled look, standing eye to eye with him in the hallway – exhausted, curled protectively around another body – and Roy had

Tears and Rain

When Ed stops an assassination attempt on Roy’s life, he foils one of the opening moves in a massive military intrigue. Can he and Roy stay one step ahead of those who want them dead, or will they both lose

The Saffron Soul

When a serial killer blurs the lines of alchemy in an effort to seal two souls together, Ed finds himself a suspect in the case. Can he prove himself innocent, or are he and Roy doomed to be the next


Roy is nothing short of pathetic when he is ill, and it falls to a reluctant Ed to take care of him.*

Under My Skin

The face in that frame was one he knew all right, but it was not the one he had been born with.*


“Divination alchemy,” Ed said scornfully. “Also known as complete and total bullshit.”*

Political Alchemy

After the fall of Fuhrer Bradley, Amestris is plagued with civil unrest. Roy’s become the sixth Fuhrer and danger comes from all directions. Will Roy and his most trusted soldiers, including Colonel Elric, succeed where everyone else has failed or

Series || The Creation of An Amestrian Soldier

After a brief whirlwind fling that disintegrated over the issue of how to heal Jean Havoc after his encounter with Lust, Edward Elric and Roy Mustang went their seperate ways. Months later, a plot throws them together in the middle

The Bitter Universe

The Fuhrer’s plotting, Ed’s planning and Roy can’t sleep.*


“Divination alchemy,” Ed said scornfully. “Also known as complete and total bullshit.”*

Series || Game On

In which Roy and Ed demonstrate their respective bountiful emotional intelligence.*

Cities in Dust

Post-manga AU. The Fuhrer has a responsibility to the people and the nation that often supersedes his own desires. When Roy’s forced to send Ed to the northern front, he vows to end the war as soon as possible –