Ace of Spades

“This is your next target,” Merlin said into Harry’s earpiece, as Harry leaned forward to look at his laptop screen. It blacked out, for a moment, then a clip out of some interview began to play. The video was in

The Calm

“Keep still,” Harry instructed quietly, his lips twitching with amusement. “Sure,” Eggsy said, and smiled when Harry gripped his chin lightly and turned his head away so that Eggsy’s eyes- or rather Eggsy’s glasses- couldn’t take him in anymore. Harry

Double Helix

The Hart twins, Harry and Henry, are equally enthralled by Eggsy. But is Eggsy equally enthralled by them?

Dig In Your Fingers

The lack of a silver suppository has set Eggsy upon a certain path. The way that Eggsy looks, dripping wet and half naked, sets Harry on another.

The Night Is Ours

It is their last event together, the last time they’ll promote Kingsman together before they won’t see each other for quite a while. So Taron comes up with a way to make it memorable.

Room Service

Colin and Taron in a hotel room, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

The Singularity of Desire

Eggsy is dragged to a sex club by his “best friend” Charlie and meets the gorgeous and charming man who calls himself Galahad.

Your Highness

It just so happens that there is another direct heir to the British throne out there, but he’s probably going to need a bit of polish.

No Need for a Knight

Eggsy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. After dropping out of the Marines, she had to take over her mother’s profession to help support her baby sister while her mother recovers from child birth. Enter Harry, who

The Cornice in the Ground

Harry dies, and a stormcloud blankets England and doesn’t leave for days.

I Could Murder for a Cup of Coffee

prompt: Merwin sorta based on that crimboss!Merlin AU post. BUT, Eggsy isn’t a detective, he’s just Eggsy and he’s with Merlin. I have this HC for it that Merlin’s people (kingsman aren’t kingsman y’know) adore Eggsy in the way that

All the Tables Turn

Harry Hart has terrible taste in men. So it comes as a bit of a surprise when Eggsy smiles at him and the predator inside Harry cocks its head in consideration.

Hold for the Applause

The thing is, once Taron sees it, he can’t stop seeing it. (or: the one where Hartwin is to blame for the Firtherton.)

Series || Pretty Gentleman

First rule of action movie logic; check the body. Because if you don’t check the body to make sure they’re really dead, then the rules of movie logic says you deserve the knife that ends up in your back when

Your Soulmate Always Arrives Precisely on Time

Soulmate!AU. Everyone has a mark that matches that of their soulmate. At 18, you are required/encouraged to register it and if a match is in the system, a meeting will be arranged. Eggsy is excited, if nervous, when he is


“Eggsy, I really don’t think-“ Merlin began, and stopped, because at that very moment, Eggsy walked right into a lamp post. Across the street, at a sidewalk corner cafe, reading a paper, sandwich part-eaten on a plate, sleek, long legs

Care and Custody

Eggsy takes out the medal in slightly worse circumstances, asking for a miracle.

Thank You for the Both of You

A/B/O Universe, in which Harry survives being shot by Valentine, Eggsy is thrilled… and pregnant with Harry’s child.

One Eccentricity

“In the Establishment you’re allowed one eccentricity, and if you are a woman, that’s basically it.” Snippets from a cis!girl Eggsy universe. (Mostly previously posted on tumblr but now with added pegging!)

The First of Many

Eggsy should have seen this coming. Looking back, he should have payed more attention to the calendar; he’d been good about taking his suppressants until the last few weeks, when the training exercises and elimination tests had gotten so intense

I blinked (and there you were)

The Weeping Angels, Eggsy reads on the stolen Torchwood intel. Aliens that pose as statues, and kill their victims by sending them back in time and feeding off their years not lived in the present. The politest psychopaths in the

The Joys and Pains of Womanhood

Eggsy is turned into a woman, and he and Harry take it upon themselves to discover the joys of his body before he gets turned back, unintentionally encountering the pains of it along the way.

Drinking in the Shallow Water

“I’m not pining,” Colin protests, and then his phone lights up with a text message. Livia takes one look at Colin’s face and erupts into giggles. “Darling, you’re most definitely pining.”


Harry and Merlin are starting to partake in the farmer’s market on their lunch breaks. If Harry starts to come home with more produce than he can ever possibly use, it cannot be because of the handsome, young man at

Chosen to Be

From the moment Harry Hart met little four years-old Eggsy, on that god awful day he made Michelle Unwin a widow he knew he was cursed to damnation and a life of misery. In the span of two days, his


As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin is a registered Dominant. It’s on his driver’s licence. It’s on his National Insurance card. Hell, it’s even on his bloomin’ GCSE certificates. And the fact that

Lessons in Romantics

Eggsy is just a young professor with only a few years under his belt, trying to make things work at a prestigious, old-blood university. It’s never been easy but his students are worth the struggles he faces with other professors.


The act or process by which someone rises to a powerful and important position. Harry clutches the tumbler closer to his chest in defense. “The last English monarch to ride into battle was Richard III, C.” “They located his remains,

Found It Alright for Kicks

It’s something he never intended to bring up, except the next time he sees Colin he says, almost entirely autonomous of brain function: “It’s not a proper Colin Firth movie without a sex scene, is it?” Colin is standing beside

Make a True Believer

‘Christ, it’s good to see you,’ Harry says, bringing a hand up to Eggsy’s face, thumb on his jawline, fingers brushing along his pulse point, and Eggsy is shocked into letting him have it for a moment, pinned under Harry’s