The Risen

They all work on a cruise ship. Shit starts to get bloody after a shore excursion brings something unnatural on board.* One of my very favorite of all time.

Series|| Forever, Now

Gerard and Mikey have lost their parents, but they’ve found Brian.*

The Negotiation Limerick File

Have you any funny stories behind the making of the album [pretty. odd.]? “We can’t… I mean…” “We can’t tell you any funny stories because we’d probably be killed.” – Jon and Ryan being interviewed by*

On the Midtown Direct

Gerard Way has a system for his morning commute.*

Any Note You Can Reach

Honestly, Gerard only even knows who Panic! at the Disco are because of all the shit Pete is always sending Mikey. Burned CDs, emails full of mp3 tracks, demos in varying stages of completion. Seemingly every single band Pete has

Would You Believe Me (if I said I didn’t need you)

Marengo Tower was the Tower for wayward Talents, those who had been sent to the edge of the galaxy to rot. It was a punishment duty, though of course no-one ever called it that. So how on Earth or off

A Matter of Logistics

High school AU. Frank would like to know the logistics of going down on girls. Gerard can help him with that.*

Between the Wish and the Thing

Gerard has been in love with his best friend and bandmate for years. It sucks. Especially because he’s convinced himself that Frank does not feel the same. But a series of events including a long overdue break from touring, gastroenterology

The Difference Between Lemonade and Metaphors

For all his experience and education, Bob thinks he could have been a little better prepared before joining a band, particularly this band. For example, he really would have liked a seminar on how to tell the difference between a

Tell Us a Story

It’s the end of the world as these kids know it, and Gabe Saporta is throwing the party.*

Nothin’s Fair in Love or High School

Frank can deal with being a loser in high school, but he’d kind of like to stop being a loser who’s in love with his best friend, thanks.*

Three Cheers for Tyranny

Mafia AU. Loyalty – Respect – Honesty: values Frank takes to heart when he steps into position as Gerard Way’s bodyguard and confidant.*

Where the Heart Is

In which Valentine’s Day comes and goes and something finally explodes (although not because of Gerard. This time.)* Follows The Beat That My Heart Skipped.

Wuthering Heights and Stormy Nights

When Bry thought about her post-touring future, she always imagined herself crusading for truth, justice, and girls in the music scene. She’d picture herself managing female artists and female bands because that was where her passion lay, showing that girls

A Little Frayed At the Edges

Canon revisited through a peculiar perspective. In which Bob has a condition that renders him unable to feel any kind of physical pain. He’s not a superhero, just someone with a genetic disease who tries to lead a regular life

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Gerard’s not the greatest with faces but there’s one that keeps crossing his path that he can’t ignore.*

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Umbrella Academy Cakes is known all over the Tri-State area for its fantastic and realistic custom cakes. What goes on inside the bakery is almost as complicated as the culinary art Gerard and his team produce. Ace of Cakes!AU*

Where the Heart Is

In which Valentine’s Day comes and goes and something finally explodes (Although not becasue of Gerard. This time.)* Follows the Beat That My Heart Skipped.

The Saddle Club

There’s very little that Brendon loves more than his old pony Murray.*

Clouds Across the Moon

Bodolf was delirious with pain and fever for nearly a fortnight after the animal attack on their camp.*

A Collection of Eighties Love Songs

Some love stories fizzle out in a haze of missed chances and regrets, while others break under rejection and denial. When Bob and Spencer meet, they are bruised around the edges, tired and lonely, but they find something in each

Step Eight

Mikey came awake to the buzzing of his pelvis and the annoyed realization that he’d clearly fallen asleep on his phone. He pulled it up, peered at the screen and noticed the time first. Three oh seven. Normally, that would

In Which Frank is a Lip Virgin Who Can Drive

“Dude,” Gabe hollers, his voice barely rising above the din in the background. “Can you pick me up?”*

Of Color and Composition So Magnificent

Art School AU. Brendon Urie, street artist from New York City gets and offer he cannot refuse – a full scholarship to a reputable art school in Chicago. After leaving his two room mates, the only family he has, Brendon


Frank wakes up to the muted chirp of his cell phone alarm at one in the morning on the Tuesday of the last week of summer school.* Follows Everyday Mysteries in the Summertime.

Worth It

Bob’s always a little excited when he leaves home, even the times when he’s actually reluctant to go.* Follows Absence Does Make the Heart.

Absense Sort of Does Make the Heart

When The Used finish their summer tour, finally, the first thing Bob does is pile some shit into his car.*

Any Place You’ll Allow (Rogues and Queens)

It’s about three a.m. when the guy comes in, Frank guesses, because he’s just getting the itch for a cigarette but knows he doesn’t have another break coming for a while. The guy is young, although not that young, not

anon_lovefest: Post #61

Gerard is his usual lame-ass self, but for some reason people at school think he’s edgy and dangerous. Little dorky Frank doesn’t think he’s cool enough for Gerard. :D*

A Cage Went In Search of a Bird

Frank has lived his life within the narrow confines of his master’s house and his master’s bed. He was happy enough with what he knew; when he is liberated, he finds both great promise and complete confusion. (Set in an