Heartbreak Incorporated

“What do you investigate?” Evie asks, nervous in front of the man’s pale eyes. “Relationships. Marriages, affairs, things like that,” Misha says, waving one hand vaguely in the air as he stretches his muscular body across the old leather chaise-longue.


Jake Taggart’s life was almost perfect–he’d worked hard to overcome his past, and he loved his job as foreman on a ranch in Arkansas. The only thorn in his side was a dark eyed cowboy named Tornado whose stubborn attitude

Climb the Ocean

Two men, two countries.*


An artist explores Australia and finds a college student searching for himself.*

Clean Cut

Trenton Vittelli and Clive are a happy, firmly established couple, but not all relationships are as good as theirs. Bryant McAllister is Trenton’s teammate. He is also caught in an abusive, exploitative relationship with his swim coach. Trent and Clive

Clean Sweep

The path to true love is never smooth. That goes double if you’re an underage boy in love with a rampantly sexual dominant who just happens to run a hair salon. Trenton Vittelli meets Clive when he is only fourteen,


A very brutal look into a young man’s introduction into the world of slavery at the hands of invading ogre forces and his own discovery of inner power that might prove to be his salvation.*

Dynasty of Ghosts

A blood feud between warning kingdoms places a young man with the unique ability to see ghosts in a precarious situation, where only he might be able to save the prince heir.*

A Love Supreme

sam (the blond one) is a nice twenty-something jazz saxophonist who plays in a trio called the branch trio. aurelian (the dark-haired one) is his vampire boyfriend. aurelian was born outside odessa at the tail end of the eighteenth century,


Dorian was just another boy; or so he considered himself to be. But certain beings have their sights on him. They’re Flyers; sensuous creatures that resemble the very angels by their massive wings, but possess the power to change a