Alive and Living (In That Order)

During a zombie apocalypse, Lassiter struggles to get himself and a traumatized Shawn Spencer to safety. Initially concerned only with survival, Lassiter discovers that there’s still something worth hoping for, worth caring for.

2 + 2 = More

Shawn and Lassiter are shocked when versions of themselves from a parallel universe come through the mirrors and are stuck in their world until they can figure out who or what caused the phenomenon and how to reverse it. More

Series || Psych Out

Lassiter is alarmed at finding himself attracted to Spencer following the Drimmer incident. He visits a friend in San Francisco, looking for advice, but Spencer has tailed him. Lust overtakes them in the gayest city in the world, but can

Series || Something Something

When Lassiter gets invited to a mysterious weekend retreat, Shawn suspects trouble and follows along.

The Taming of the Shrawn

Sequel to Lassiter’s Little Wifey.

Lassiter’s Little Wifey

Shawn as the perfect cop’s wife only I guess I read that as Shawn frets a lot and there is sex. Anyway, Shawn deals with the idea of being a cop’s wife.*

Of Things Beyond My Yin

Yin and Shawn have a lot in common. Yin’s going to prove it to him.*

The Best Policy

Jealous Shawn is forced to realize what is damn obvious to everyone else. AKA: The crossover that is not a crossover.*


See a penny, pick it up (and all the day you’ll have good luck.)*

The Dah-Ling Store-It-Yourself

The bad news is that one of Lassiter’s highest profile arrests has just escaped from prison. The worse news is that his best hope of tracking him down is a sleep-deprived Shawn Spencer.*

From Beyond the Morgue

Shawn just wants to solve his latest case, but it isn’t easy with Gus and Henry meddling in his love life, especially considering his love life consists of one bored workaholic detective on enforced leave. * Sequel to The Dah-Ling