Series || The Pieces

The one where Michael can’t seem to stop cheating on girls… and then he dates Ryan Lochte.

Waiting for My Real Life to Begin

Michael meets Ryan one day when he takes his grandma to the doctor.

The Capacity of a Heart

“I’m not exactly sure what this fic grew out of. But I know for sure that The Haney Project and its Phelps-centricness made me want to write a fic from his point of view. It ballooned into the behemoth it

Series || The Place of That Desire

Ryan doesn’t seem as concerned as Michael is about the baby sitting – sleeping, really, on its back with one arm flung up next to its head like it’s about to pump a fist in the air – in the

The Roommate

This is an AU where Michael needs a roommate (and is also a mystery novelist) and Ryan needs a place to live (and is a designer for Under Armour).

Like the Ceiling Can’t Hold Us

In which they aren’t really friends and then they are… and then other stuff happens…

Don’t Be Afraid to Knock on the Door

“If I look at this and squint my eyes we’re not dating, I’m stalking him. He’s a nice guy, he taught my kid to read and he’s crazy good looking.” In which Michael accidentally falls in love with his kid’s