Song of the Last Day

First Officer D’rek wants to Pon Farr the hell out of little Ensign Stilinski.

Even a Bad Cup of Coffee (Is Better Than No Coffee at All)

AU where Derek and Laura stay in New York and open a coffee shop after the fire, and Stiles meets them when he moves there for college.


Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s

This Frail Humanity

When Stiles throws himself in front of Cora, taking the hunter’s bullet that was meant for her, there is no time for any but the most desperate measures. Saving Cora cost Derek his Alpha power. Saving Stiles will cost much

Hide Of a Life War

“We have received confirmation that there is a hostage situation in progress at a warehouse compound two hours out of Los Angeles, following a multiple-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 this morning…” The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal)

Knot Human

um. just porn. complete and utter HET porn, trying to incorporate as many kinks as possible: girl!Stiles, knotting, multiple orgasms, squirting, wolfing out, dirty talk. seriously. this is 7000+ words of pure porn.


“God, Stiles,” Derek says quietly, “I still want you so badly. Want to get back inside you, want to keep fucking you, want to keep making you come.” um, yeah. complete heat!porn. nothing but.

Not a Spark, But a Burn

Stiles was supposed to be exorcising a demon, okay? He does not have time for being pinned to the wall by Laura freaking Hale. or that fic where Stiles is sent back in time and decides to be a meddler.

Patterns of Intention

Derek looked like the stuff of his deepest fantasies. His shirt was rumpled where Stiles had his hands in it, and he was breathing hard as well, chest heaving. His eyes—his eyes were glazed over and he looked stunned, like

Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves

At least your puppies knock first,” Stiles snorts. “Here I thought their alpha raised them to be well-mannered.” “There’s a sign,” Derek responds stiffly. Stiles, whose curiosity outweighs even his hardest of grudges, abandons his chilly façade of nonchalance in

Courage Through Fear

With the Alpha Pack closing in, Stiles is thrust into the center of an unusual three-way alliance between Hunters, werewolves, and little old him. Injecting himself between all sides in a war far beyond his skill has far reaching consequences

The Hour of the Wolf

Stiles never wanted to be a werewolf, but the choice is taken out of his hands by a series of unfortunate events. When he wakes up his life has become infinitely more complicated.

In Case the Daylight Never Comes

There’s a relentless dark shape tearing through the pack and that’s only the half of it. Stiles just wants to sleep and stop being haunted by the faces of his night-time tormentors. His dad thinks he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress,

Love Always Wakes the Dragon

“If you could only protect one person, who would it be?” “Derek.” “What would you do to keep him alive? What would you give up?” “Anything. Everything.”

Lead You Home Again

The first time Derek meets Stiles, the kid’s brown eyes are wide, and he’s staring up at him with a mischievous grin as he tugs at the arm of Derek’s first ever Batman figure like he’s trying to separate it

Out Lives Are Changing Lanes

There’s a lot of screaming going on inside the first house Stiles visits. He isn’t really worried, because it sounds like kids, but then the door opens and hi, says his dick, because the dude in front of him is

If You’re Running Out of Breath and Your Building’s Burning Down

It isn’t witches this time. “Forest. Nemeton. Come, please. Hurry. Now.” The line goes dead, and Derek’s heart stops still.

Don’t Worry Baby

“You know you’re allowed to ask for vanilla sex, right?” he says, afterwards. “We can do whatever you want. That’s kind of the point.” Derek doesn’t respond.

The Wolf That Heard Crying

There was someone in Derek’s house. He was on his way back from a hunt, licking blood from his muzzle when he heard the sound of smashing wood coming from inside. Derek snarled quietly, leaping up onto the back deck

Air on a G String

A Maenad is after Lydia, and when she doesn’t get what she wants, so takes it out on Stiles. Or the one where Stiles suddenly has lady bits and he’s not quite sure what to do with them.

Series || Kingdom of Three

Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.

Werewolf Love Songs, Vol. 1

Peter decides to use the power of Barry Manilow’s music to make Stiles and Derek fall in love. Meanwhile, there are monsters and stuff, and Stiles and Derek are stupid.

But Not With Haste

It’s been years since Derek escaped from the hunters who killed his family and buond him in his human form. He travels solo, never staying in one place, keeping under the radar—until a skinny, smart-mouthed kid stows away in the

Electricity In the Contact

In which Derek has been invited to the Greater Pacific Northwest Alpha Symposium (that’s not what it’s called, Stiles, stop saying that), and showing up unattached would mean an arranged marriage. When the rest of the pack objects, he agrees

Series || Cry Havoc ‘verse

In Beacon Hills, the two-year war that’s been raging between werewolves and hunters has begun spilling over onto the civilian population. Meanwhile, in Boston, when the tattoo on Stiles Stilinski’s back is damaged on a late-night hunt he begins to

The Well of Living Waters

King Derek takes a consort.

Series || The Keystone

There are a lot of things Stiles has forgotten. Some of them by choice, because some memories are too painful and that’s what you do to survive; some of them because they were taken from him.


Allison meets a strange deer in the forest. Derek may have found someone who can match his level of bullshit. Stiles is running from a murderer. Pack-feels and cross-species bonding.

Between the Click of the Light and the Start of the Dream

It’s Stiles’ senior year, and he’s trying to concentrate on normal things – like the lacrosse championship, spring break, prom, graduation (and definitely not Derek) – when he starts having nightmares and waking up in the middle of nowhere. Oh

We Are Drifting On a Vast Dark Sea

A threat to the pack forces Stiles and Derek into pretending to be mates, and it’s all fun and games until the line between pretend and reality blurs.