Series || Emergence

Gibbs is the Alpha Dragon for the east coast Wing… and the lead for the NCIS MCRT. He has two rules above all others; No other emerged dragons on his NCIS team, and no relationships with non-dragons. Tony has no

Stuck in Reverse

They were polar opposites from different worlds. They worked smoothly together on missions, but there was something else between them. It was always there, pushing and pulling, tearing into them. Napoleon has no idea what to make of this Sentinel

The Journey Home

After Tony assaults a guide at a crime scene, an old friend brings the Alpha Guide of North America to DC to investigate Tony’s claim of guide misconduct. This starts Tony on a new path away from DC and NCIS,

Four Military Men

Blair, Tony, Daniel and Rodney all meet in high school and become good friends. When their twenty year high school reunion comes around, Tony decides to get them all to attend–with their significant others.

Everything They Said

Steve is finally feeling settled back in Hawaii and his task force is solid. Everything is going the way he wants, until guide traffickers manage to abduct seven guides, and Steve finds out the guide he didn’t know he had

Series || Sentinel ‘verse

Everything changes the summer after fifth year. Draco refuses to take the Dark Mark and must deal with leaving behind the life, friends and family he’s always known.The Dursley’s abandon Harry alone in the woods for a week, triggering his

Series || ‘Uhane

Okay, I read Samantha Kathy’s TS fusion and I was entranced, and then I wrote a story.

Series || The Sentinels of Atlantis

Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them

Oldest Story In the World

After fifteen years as an un-bonded Sentinel, Jack Carter has come to terms with the reality that either his Guide doesn’t exist or is one of the many who chose not to join the Sentinel-Guide Union. Between his daughter’s rebellions,

The Awakening

Detective Jim Ellison doesn’t want a Guide. What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear. Dr. Blair Sandburg, a successful profiler with the FBI, has nearly given up on finding his Sentinel. Then the

Dr. B. Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man

Blair Sandburg had roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person.*

Back Up Plan

What if things had really come to a head at the end of The Sentinel Too? And what if Blair had a back up plan?*


He’d been barely able to see well enough to drive, getting home in the dark before dawn. Twenty minutes and several bandages and antiseptic swipes later, he’d finally collapsed on the bed, insensible until his alarm went off just a

Guidelines: Regulations

Jim and Blair face off against the US Sentinel Program.* Sequel to Guidelines: Beginnings.

Guidelines: Beginnings

Jim failed the Sentinel Program; Blair has a few theories.*

A Gathering of Sentinels

Blair is taken against his will and brought to a holding area for Sentinels that are in desperate need of a Guide.*

Recovery Epic

Blair tries to find himself after he decides that he can’t stay in Cascade. Jim isn’t ready to give up.*

Visiting Alex

Two weeks after they’re back from Sierra Verde, Alex regains consciousness and Jim decides to go see her.*

In Vino Veritas

A drunken Blair lives to rue the day he let his little ‘secret’ slip to his partner.*

In Memory

A woman waits for news and remembers. She is soon joined by two others with memories of their own.*

Kindergarten Cop

Jim Ellison goes undercover to try to find the runaway paramour, and son, of a crime boss. He’s about to face his toughest challenge yet — riding herd on a class of six-year-olds — and possibly finding the love of


A natural disaster hits Cascade, bringing out the pure Sentinel in Jim – much to Blair’s initial dismay.*

Culinary Art

Jim owns a restaurant and Blair eats there. Love at first sight, baby!*

The Right Guide

Blair figures out how Jim can better control his senses, but he needs another Guide to do so.*

The Accidental Guide

Jim wasn’t looking for a guide, but then he met Blair Sandburg.*

Game For Murder

Profiler Blair Sandburg faces a puzzling case but finds more danger in facing the senior Ellison.* Sequel to A Wake For Murder.

A Wake For Murder

Scotland Yard requests the aid of profiler Blair Sandburg and Detective Ellison. Will they find their jobs waiting for them if they take the case?* Sequel to Murder By Ritual.

Murder By Ritual

Cascade profiler, Blair Sandburg, is off to London for a speaking engagement. The only problem is murder threats and mayhem follow. Can his assigned bodyguard help?*

Pennies For the Jungle

A young doctor encounters a mysterious native in the jungles of Borneo.*