Till Dick Do Us Part

“Don’t let it weird you out that Logan and I are married,” Dick says. “It’s just a convenience thing, and I won’t stand in your way.”

How to Dispose of a Mars

“Elizabeth,” he said, aggrieved. “She calls me. At my house. When I refused to answer her questions, she hacked my Tivo and erased all my backlogged Simpsons episodes. She snuck off-world once disguised as an adolescent Jaffa. With her around,


Firstly, post-finale, I went desperately looking for some nice, happy, goofy and domestic Logan/Veronica. You know how much I found? None at all! Woe!  So…*

Who Am I

Lily lived, but things still changed drastically…*

To Catch a Diary Thief

Veronica works on the case of the stolen diary, unaware that Logan and Wallace are independently working on it as well. Throughout the investigation, Veronica and Logan are coming to terms with their relationship.*

Unbreak Broken

Oh, he’s a sneaky one, he is.*


School resumes in the fall.*

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

A crackalicious sequel to Sometimes a Little Magic Goes a Long Way.*

When the Lights Are Dim

She’s more than tired of this argument. To be honest, she’s ready to give up on it all if it means never having this argument again.*

Marriage Is a Rocky Road

Veronica woke from a light doze to feel the mattress shifting beneath her stiff, cramped body.*

Home for the Holidays

Veronica learns the true meaning of Christmas. Which is baseball. Definitely baseball.*

(Second) First Time

She was determined to do this. To take back her body, and was grateful, so grateful, that he was the one who was going to fight this battle with her.*

May It Be

Trina asks Veronica for a small… okay, large favor.*

Johnny Come Early

Really, the title says it all.

Getcha, Getcha, Getcha, Getcha

Veronica and Logan punking each other.*

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Logan helps Veronica overcome a certain insecurity.*

Requesting a Fly-by

Logan plays a Halloween trick on Veronica, and ends up treating her as well.*

Alive – Redux

Keith Mars doesn’t exist and Lilly is not dead.*

Keeping Count of Broken Promises

Veronica was awake at five-after-five in the morning, her stomach cramping painfully.*


Keith Mars doesn’t exist and Lilly is not dead.*

All Fall Down

In Neptune, the brighter the summer sun, the deeper the shadows.*