Like the Sound of the Sun

Agron doesn’t want to fuck this boy for Roman amusement. He wants to sit and look into those eyes and speak with him, ask his name and how long he’s been in the house of Batiatus and if he likes

Spartacus – Bound By Fire

The events at Sinuessa create a turning point for the slave army. Agron and Nasir find their path diverged from the others, but for what purpose and by whom?

Series || Fire Starter

Nasir is a tattoo artist, struggling to get over an abusive relationship. Agron is a fire fighter, struggling to make Nasir realize how much he loves him.

I’ve Got No Strings

AU. When Lucretia appoints Agron with a task he cannot perform, Tiberius – a slave within the house of Batiatus – takes it upon himself to provide a little inspiration.

The Paths Chosen

Agron has been Nasir’s bodyguard for years, and a slave of the household for longer than that, but a ripped shoulder muscle and a marriage proposal bring complications to Agron and Nasir’s secret friendship.

I’ll Splatter Colour On This Grey

Agron is coping with the death of his brother. Only he’s not. Not particularly well at least.