Brian follows Dom to Mexico and they have a lot of sex, but is that all he needs to be happy?*

Jia’s Challenge

A round-robin of excellent authors in the FatF fandom. Brian and Dom meet Xander Cage. Is it getting warm in here?

Guilded Cage

Brian knew he’d picked up a new nickname in the Torretto household…”Dom’s Shadow.” It didn’t bother him, though. He’d been called much worse and this particular nickname was never said with menace, rather at worse, patient exasperation. He knew he


Six months. Brian stared at the judge as the words registered.*

Ciudad de Estrellas

Dom is forced to ask Brian for help when the consequences of his crimes come back to haunt him. A novel about love, loss, and redemption.*

Engine Block

Brian woke up with his face mashed into a pillow and the sheets twisted around his hips.*

Getting Somewhere Fast

“I got a full stomach, a car with a sweet engine, and a fully stocked garage. What more could a guy want?”*

Shifting Gears

Dom pressed his forehead to Brian’s shoulder and let his lips brush lightly over the uneven skin. Brian flinched a little and Dom went still, waiting, half wanting Brian to wake up, but half of him wasn’t ready to face