Some Other Beginning’s End

Everyone here seems to relax in the knowledge that it’s over. But, for Claire, it feels like it’s just begun.

Blessing In Your Battles

“I’d be a mess without you, Claire.” “You’re a mess now,” she murmurs. “But I’m your mess.” or: Claire recovers. Sometimes Owen is there to help, sometimes she’s there to help him.


Most of Owen’s family were shifters. As it turned out, Owen wasn’t any different. (What he could shift into, on the other hand…)

Deflect and Absorb

“You know me: act first, think later.” It’s not like he expected them to hop off that island and go at it like unsupervised teens at summer camp, but at this rate, they’re a board game and bingo night away


After the incident and leaving the warehouse, Owen sees something. He sees it. But he can’t believe it.