A Date With the President

Clark and Lex further their relationship after meeting again, five years in the future.*

Family, Friendship, and Love

Someone once asked him if he’d thought his life would turn out like this.*

Switch: A Comedy of Terrors

Plot rocks lead Mind to forget where it put Brain. Wackiness ensues. Clark is seventeen.*


For the Lois & Clark cliche challenge. My prompt: Lois and Clark have a deal on their romantic getaway weekend — Lois must avoid doing any work, and Clark must avoid running off to save the world. But this story

Skin Deep

Clark among the women.*

Building the Future

Lex’s father dies, sending him to Metropolis; Clark gets kidnapped; Tony is fed up, quits NCIS, and decides to go visit his cousin, Martha, in Smallville; and Gibbs wonders what the hell happened to his life. This goes happily AU,

Marry Into the Family

Lex sips at his spoon and thinks, it’s amazing how chicken and corn soup can change a person. He’s born again, baptised with aromatic amber, seeing the world with gleaming clarity and a hint of coriander.*

If I Had You

A single act of heroism pulls Kris into Adam’s world of wealth, power, and sex.*

Sleep While I Drive

A Clexian fairy tale. It’s the journey, not the destination.*

Series || Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

Clark decides on a change of lifestyle. Lex decides on a change in the status quo. And the world’s doomed.*

The Memoirs

What would have happened if Clark was more in touch with his alien side?*

The Road Not Taken

In Crush, Pamela says, “I was too scared to even tell just once how much you mean to me. How much I wanted to help you grow up.” Lex replies by saying, “I wish you had. I might be a

The Wedding of Martha’s Son

Sequel to The Courtship of Martha’s Son.

The Courtship of Martha’s Son

Finding out about Clark’s sexual leaning one night over mashed potatoes and gravy, Martha approaches the only man that she feels can keep her son safe.*

The Sink That Ate Christmas

Five years after the end of Omiai, Clark and Lex host their first Christmas in their new house.* Sequel to Omiai and The Oak Tree and the Cypress.

The Oak Tree and the Cypress

When you begin something, if you are wise, you realize that the beginning presages its own ending.* Sequel to Omiai.


A long story about Froot Loops, celery salt, dorkdom, and — oh yeah — marriage.*


Clark takes Lex to the movies.*

Chupa Chup

What do you do with a drunken Lex?*

The Games Series

A hot summer’s day and a wet Clark prove to be more than Lex can handle.*


Lex pushed in roughly, not too rough, just rough enough to get that sounds out of Clark, the one somewhere between a whimper and a gasp that always went straight to Lex’s cock.*

Deep Throat

Clark has it all figured out. Really.*

The Milk and Cookies War

Lex Luthor’s Penthouse for Wayward Boys.*

The First Four Years

The prom theme has something to do with Paris. If Paris were a high school gym with a cover band.*

Freshman Orientation

Welcome to Metropolis University.*


He doesn’t know why this is happening.*