Series || Yours, Mine, & Ours ‘verse

Featuring: Giant sharks, family bonding, a bazooka, frustration, idiot fathers, purple casts, mothers that just don’t understand, New Years confetti, and Grace facepalming way more often than she would like it. Rated T for “Throw them in a closet until

Before It Began

There’s an empty spot next to the guy, so what the fuck—Danny steps up to the bar and sprawls into the seat. He’s had a terrible day, so at the very least he deserves some eye candy to surreptitiously enjoy

Cops and White Lace

There are two things in life that Danny’s figured out that make Steve McGarret a very, very happy camper. One is explosions and pretending to be a real life G.I. Joe. The second is getting his ass eaten until he’s

The Ga(y)tekeepers

All they have to do is keep an eye on Rachel’s house for a while, but one shenanigan leads to another and soon, Danny finds himself wanting to make an honest man out of his gun-toting, trigger happy, actual Superman-impersonating

Ke Aloha (Beloved)

The one where Steve’s absolutely smitten with his partner, Danny pretends to be bad a reading signals, and the results are one great, sticky mess in paradise.

Series || Vegas ‘verse

A universe in which Steve is an ex-Navy SEAL and billionaire Las Vegas hotelier and Danny is a Newark PD detective in a failing marriage. This is the story of how they got together and stayed together, struggling through divorce,

Months and Miles from Dreams

He’ll get used to it – he gets used to everything. But he’s only got five days before he’s back to Africa and it feels worthless, almost. Fucking mission, fucking Basher for getting caught out. Now he’s here, wandering the


Five-0 heads up the investigation into a serial shooter the media calls the “Honolulu Sniper.” A lunatic with a high powered rifle, the “Honolulu Sniper” takes aim at the highways and commuters, successfully eluding Five-0 with each attack. Meanwhile, Danny

Comfort In the Waiting Room

After two years as partners and friends, it’s no secret that Steve and Danny care about each other. But when Grace undergoes emergency surgery, Danny is stunned to discover just how deep those feelings run.

Put Your Mind At Ease

Somewhere in the last year, while Steve was busy killing bad guys, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been erased from the books and guys like Jeff can marry whoever they damn well please.

Let’s Dance Like We Used To

There isn’t a world in which Danny wouldn’t go after Grace. So when Rachel moves the family to California, Danny goes with. Steve gets left to process life without Danny.

Series || ‘Uhane

Okay, I read Samantha Kathy’s TS fusion and I was entranced, and then I wrote a story.

Series || Howling

It’s just a typical day for Five-0: someone’s out to kill Steve, Danny’s just discovered he’s been mated with, strangers are flying in looking for the existence of spirits, and the supernatural community of Oahu is in the balance.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

Imagine if Jack McGarrett had sent Mary to live with her aunt in New Jersey. Then imagine Mary growing up and falling in love with a local cop, Danny Williams. Now add to the mix a daughter named Grace, an

Beneath the Trident

Steve and Danny go undercover to investigate the death of a SEAL before a sensitive joint Special Forces’ operation. With Steve as the SEALs’ new team leader and Danny as the reporter assigned to shadow him, Danny finally gets to

Love’s a Battlefield (and the Navy Did Not Train Steve for This Shit)

The Kalakaua-Kelly clan have gotten it into their heads that they need to matchmake Steve. Out of desperation, Steve makes up a boyfriend named Danny. It doesn’t quite go according to plan. (SHE STORMS THROUGH THE DOORS LIKE THEY ARE

All My Heart I Will Lay Down Precisely At Your Feet

Lt Cmdr Steve McGarrett is the leader of SEAL Team Six. When the workers at a foreign embassy are taken hostage, his team is dispatched to neutralise the threat and get the hostages to safety. Steve thinks it’s just a

A Fielder’s Choice

After 11 years playing shortstop for the New Jersey Knights, Danny Williams is traded to the Honolulu Warrior Kings, perpetual cellar dwellers of the American League West and the armpit of major league baseball. With a bum knee and a


Their wedding was so informal that it was just this much shy of eloping.*

Wild Honey

So, Danny is Danni and Steve is Steve and they still get together.*

All the World Is Waiting for the Sun

So there’s this tropical storm and everyone’s on lockdown, except Steve who, in between interrogating suspects and driving like a maniac, finds time to pick up a milkshake for Grace. And that’s basically Danny’s last defence against this ridiculous man

Mr Rosso Goes to Hawaii

In which there is an undercover op, and no one looks like a waiter.*

All My Guards Away

Grief’s like a punch to the chest, winding him – Danny folds, hands braced against his knees, watching the plane door shut behind his brother.*

They Said the Past Won’t Repeat

The Navy expected a result: capture Victor and Anton Hesse. Ten years have passed since Steve was sent to the mainland. He returns home in pursuit of justice, but he finds more than he bargained for after he meets Danny

Textual Analysis; or, How a Book Changed Danny’s Life

“Sometimes, it takes fresh eyes to see what’s right in front of you.”*

Curving Like the Ocean Toward You

If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.*


Danny has a secret.*

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Detective Danny Williams is not what Steve expected.*

Ho’omaka hou ‘ana (New Beginnings)

Danny’s parents die and he and his siblings are shipped off to stay with a friend of their mother’s in Hawaii, where they meet the McGarrett family.*

Bring You Out Under This Flooded Sky at Any Price

In which Danny puts his family first, New Jersey weather is as unpleasant as advertised, and absolutely no one is impressed with Steve.*