Codename: Cupcake

Darcy Lewis had always been given the choice by her parents as to how out in the open she wanted to be about where she came from, and what she was. So she opted to lie low, keep out of

When All Else Fails

He can’t decide whether meeting her was the worst thing to ever happen to him, or the best.

Put Love On Hold

Darcy is an omega who has been on suppressants for years, and doesn’t know the first thing about her own biology. When she makes it out of a hostage situation in one piece thanks to a certain supersoldier (or two),

Series || Lucky Now

Darcy Lewis is not, exactly, who she says she is. Yes, she was a Culver student before the Thor incident, but before that she was a CalTech graduate who’d been home-schooled since the age of 5 by her father’s AI.


The ladies of SHIELD play a mass game of MARRY FUCK KILL, Avengers edition. Wherein everyone marries Steve, kills Tony, Jane betrays science and Darcy hypothetically turns Thor into a llama.