Chasing Thursdays

Elsa has no desire to follow in her politician mother’s footsteps and Emma wants to quit working at Granny’s. They decide to open Frozen and take advantage of the summer tourist season, but Emma doesn’t count on their neighbor, tattoo

been here before, been here forever

Birthday smut for some of my favorite people in this fandom. Set in the same universe as “can’t endure, can’t inhale.”

Let Not Light See

Killian wipes the blood of the dagger off on the crocodile’s tunic, steps out of the cell, and gazes at the new name in the dim light. Killian Jones.

Fallen Empires

Sequel to This Isn’t Everything You Are. Six months after their return from Wonderland, Emma and Killian are still adjusting to their life together. But will something – or someone – conspire to destroy it?

This Isn’t Everything You Are

In fairy tale land Hook saves Emma from Cora, and in Storybrooke Emma saves Hook from Rumple.

More Than a Memory

He didn’t remember much – and he didn’t remember her. The accident changed their lives and sent Emma into a tailspin, desperately waiting for Killian to come back to her. But when he finally wakes up from his coma, the

Poem Without Words

Looking to make some extra money, college senior Emma Swan takes a post as a model for Professor Killian Jones’ art class. Sparks fly on both sides. Will they give into temptation?

His Dark Beauty

Emma Shepherd has worked and managed her family’s farm alone since the deaths of her parents, fending off would-be suitors and land-hungry competition. A chance meeting with a young girl in the marketplace leads to an audience with Prince Killian…


AU. Professor Killian Jones, a mysterious Irish scholar, and Emma Nolan, a college sophomore from a sleepy little town in Maine, cross paths at Boston College. Neither of them could have imagined what would happen next.

Dust to Dust

Emma Swan is a young teacher in New York City, and with only a few friends and family, she keeps to herself. One night, her best friend, Regina Mills, convinces Emma to come out to a bar Regina’s boyfriend, Robin

A Change in the Wind

As Emma’s twenty-eighth birthday approaches and Henry becomes more and more distant, Regina decides trusting in her wicked abilities will no longer do – Emma Swan must be stopped from ever reaching Storybrooke. Lucky for her, a certain pirate would

Man Advantage

Best-selling author and socialite Emma Swan is sick of New York City. When she finds a penthouse for sale in a building that used to house her great-grandfather’s company, she sees it as a sign to leave town. But she

Until the Fog Lifts

Cursed!Killian AU: Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s

Civic Duty

After three months of Killian going on about some girl named Swan, Liam gets impatient with waiting for his little brother to introduce him to his girlfriend, and decides to take matters into his own hands. …In a suitably embarrassing

Series || Unlocked

An unusual one night leaves Emma Swan enthralled with Killian and Liam Jones, visiting English Naval officers. Modern AU.

Two Princes

Inspired by the song. Captain Duckling AU: Princess Emma was raised by her birth parents, but a curse on her 16th birthday sends her to Neverland. There, she spends years running from the Lost Boys and Pan before meeting Captain

Walking on Water

The war against the ogres is heating up, and Princess Emma has been dispatched to meet with a powerful nobleman whose magic powers might help win the battle. But her journey is interrupted when she is abducted by pirate captain

Five Times Emma Kisses Killian and One Time She Does Something Else

Emma and Killian share a series of romantic moments in the midst of the struggle to defeat the witch. Season 3B speculation with a bunch of making out.

Burn So Bright

Crown Princess Emma just wants to spend some time living a normal life; Killian Jones doesn’t expect to meet a princess in a frat house. Inspired by Pulp’s “Common People” and the lack of any modern AU Lieutenant Duckling fic

Only for One Night

Pirate!Killian/Princess!Emma AU. Captain Hook is brought before Snow and Charming and sentenced to death. Finding herself being married off to the son of the Dark One, Emma takes matters into her own hands…including a certain pirate in her scheme.

Peace I Leave You With

When Emma needs a friend in Storybrooke, she finds one in the sinfully attractive priest Killian Jones. AU starting in season 1.

The Cartography of Our Intimacy

The Charmings are a very affectionate group of people which is very much the opposite of who Killian Jones thinks himself to be. A study, as he navigates new terrain.

All’s Faire

The Storybrooke Fairy Tale Faire has been the summer staple of East Coasters for the past decade, especially since the daughter of the “King and Queen” of the faire began playing Peter Pan alongside Killian Jones, their own Captain Hook.