By My Side

Three days after Jessica fires Mike, Harvey invites Mike to be his plus one for a fundraiser.

Grande Triple Soy Dirty Chai

Harvey is (still) a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn’t afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter.*

Not the Worst Step-Dad in the History of Everything

When the son he never knew he had is deposited on his doorstep by Child Protective Services, Harvey does the kindest thing he knows how to do: put Mike Ross on the case. Mike responds by doing what he does

Limited Partnership

Mike isn’t entirely certain how he let Donna and Jessica talk him into marrying Harvey while his boss was in a coma, even if they swore he wouldn’t mind. He thought the hardest part would be going to the hospital

Dolls (and Action Figures)

Mike and Harvey wake up in Vegas. It’s pretty much all downhill from there.* Plot follows pretty closely with the Hangover, but made me laugh all the same.

Series || Nanny ‘Verse

Harvey Specter, badass lawyer, is in need of a nanny for his daughter. Mike Ross, kickass nanny, is in need of a job. Shenanigans occur!*

Heartbeat at My Feet

Harvey is a vet and Mike gets sent to do community service hours there, and they fall in love. And save a service dog.*

Got a Real Jam Goin’ Down

Harvey has a family. An actual family. Mike needs to re-adjust his entire world view because this means Harvey isn’t the bastard child of Lady Justice and Frank Abagnale.*

All In

Harvey’s all but got the potential client in Pearson Hardman’s metaphorical lap when the kid walks in the room and changes—quite literally—the game.*

One Right Thing

Harvey’s in the hospital, but Mike’s the one trying to survive.*


Harvey sometimes moonlights as a Star Trek BNF. Mike might have an attitude problem on the internet. TiberiusGhost is strangely compelling, for a recluse who never goes to meetups, and Harvey’s finding this kid Photohead vaguely familiar…*

Festina Lente

Harvey and Mike have a lazy morning in bed. Morning after first time fic.*

Project On You

Suits Meme Fill: During a case it comes out that Mike has never had sex, which causes Harvey to develop a slight obsession.*

All’s Faery In Love and War

When Mike heads towards Harvey’s office on Tuesday morning, he doesn’t expect to see Harvey wrestling a giant troll.*

War Wounds

It’s always the same. Mike lands with butterflies in his stomach and his hands itching to touch Harvey. *


Mike is sick, and to make matters worse, he and Harvey are being held up at gunpoint.*

The Awkward Life and Times of Mike Ross (Fool’s Gold)

Written for the prompt: Mike sees Harvey naked, just once, just for a second. He means to forget the image — he really does — but with his memory, it sticks in his mind as clear as if he took

Mind-Control Is the Only Explanation

[High School AU] People sometimes wonder aloud why Mike and Harvey are friends, since, you know, Mike’s kind of scrawny and more than a little geeky and has a tendency to run his mouth off without thinking about what comes

Love Will come Through (It’s Just Waiting For You)

“I just need more time,” Harvey says, almost begs. Because he’s not ready for this, not yet. He knows, the way he’s certain Mike does too, that if they do this, then that’s it. For better or worse, this will

Of Mikes and Men

It’s not like Mike’s an actual virgin.*

This Tornado Loves You

A story about first loves and true loves, about friendship, growing up, and growing together. Atlernatively, this is a story about Mike figuring out what he deserves, and learning how to ask for it.*

Your World Might Explode

Harvey getting fed up with himself and just pushing Mike down on the bed and sinking down on Mike’s dick. And Mike is like WHOA WTF AWESOME and Harvey is like STFU AND FUCK ME.*

Move Along, Nothing to See Here

“… Mike has longer fingers than Harvey… *has bad thoughts*”*

Series || Just Ask and I Will Do

He thinks he might be well and truly screwed.*

Till the Morning Sun

Mike and Harvey spend some time indoors.*

Twelve Thousand Dollar Suits

every fandom needs a good prostitution AU.*


Mike was raised to believe Imprint was a life-changing event for those few lucky enough to experience it. Harvey was raised to believe it was a form of mental illness. When it actually happened, neither of them noticed.*

The Go To Guy

When Harvey called, Mike answered the phone on the third ring with a curt, breathless “Hello?”*

Double Take

Harvey keeps just-missing Mike at the Pearson Hardman costume ball, but he HAS met Mike’s date, the gorgeous Rose Selavy.*