The Risen

They all work on a cruise ship. Shit starts to get bloody after a shore excursion brings something unnatural on board.* One of my very favorite of all time.

Tell Us a Story

It’s the end of the world as these kids know it, and Gabe Saporta is throwing the party.*

Of Color and Composition So Magnificent

Art School AU. Brendon Urie, street artist from New York City gets and offer he cannot refuse – a full scholarship to a reputable art school in Chicago. After leaving his two room mates, the only family he has, Brendon

Beyond the Sea

Marine Biology student Patrick Stump was looking to get away from everything when he signed up for an internship, but he didn’t expect to get sent all the way to southern Ireland. He’s been assigned to work with Pete Wentz

The Bootstrap Paradox and Other Tips for Finding True Love

Swept from her dismal present in the 1990s (facing unemployment and the singles scene), Phoebe Turlow takes a wrong turn at a hotel (while attending a “free” vacation in the Caribbean, sponsored by a condo company) and winds up in


In the year 2030 The United States is a third world country and Chicago is divided into sectors that strain relations between the social classes to the breaking point. Pete is a member of an underground movement; Patrick is the

Let’s Dance to Joy Division

In which Jon and Spencer work for a film company and are shooting a documentary on the Skylines and Turnstiles tour, feat. My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is…*

I Just Want Your Extra Time (and Your… Kiss)

Frank takes a quick look in his rear view mirror, runs his fingers through his messy hair and then smiles at his reflection as he slides the key out of the ignition. He’s really fucking late, but that’s never a

You Need Hands to Hold Someone You Love

Spencer could be ‘silently stoic’… he pulled it off ideally, so well that an Oscar would have his name written all over its faux-gold body, but he could never imagine being ‘stoic with a large voice inside his stomach’, or

Pretty Much a Sex God

Wedding Planner AU prequel. Jon and Spencer’s first date zomg.*

Farmer’s Market Verse

You may have to search around a little bit. There isn’t really a master page for this fic.

Back to Where You Are

People don’t just turn into cats. Except when they do.*

What Comes Around

Spencer has some issues with Jon, but he’s too busy to worry about them because people are trying to kill his band.* Follows the Negotiation Limerick File and The Grasshopper Unit.

Tell Us a Story

It’s the end of the world as these kids know it, and Gabe Saporta is throwing a party.*

As Close As It Gets To Home

Gerard looks up and sees Frank’s head poking around the corner of the door to his office.*

Where You’ve Always Been

This is how it starts: Brendon wakes up in Ryan’s bed for the 47th time in a row and rolls over to look wistfully at Ryan, as is his custom. For about fifteen minutes in the morning, Brendon has time

Baby the Skies Will Be Blue

Spencer’s sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed in a thin pair of sleep pants and one of Jon’s old tour t-shirts. The baby’s resting in the cradle of his folded legs, her head on his thigh, her tiny

Fuck the Paradox

Spencer says he has stupid hair.*

Dreaming in Color

Ryan was an artist.* After Patrick’s Garden Center and Patrick Has a Truck.

Anyone Perfect Must Be Lying

Jon likes to think his problems began when the coffee shop across the street opened up. In all honesty, though, they began the day Frank moved in with Gerard a month before Valentine’s Day.* Sequel to Jon’s Bookstore.

The Way I See It #282

“Hey, hey, hey,” Jon whispers into Spencer’s ear one morning when it’s raining. “What are your thoughts on babies?”* Sequel to The Way I See It #219.

Last Christmas

When Spencer Smith wakes on December 1st, he is in hell.*

A Little Piece With You

The boys form a jazz band at a Chicago speakeasy in the late 1920s.*

The Best Sound in the World

When you work in retail in a quiet shopping center, there’s not a whole lot to do except gossip and fall in love. Luckily, the latter provides the former, especially when there’s a love hexagon involved.*

Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner (What We Do Is Love)

Ryan plans weddings! Just not gay weddings. Ok, maybe just this once.*