“We are your losers, your loud weirdoes, your science stars, your shy, retiring band geeks,” Kevin thinks, and sets off for the stage.*

Break the Sky

Mike Carden is a student without a scholarship who needs to find a way to fund his studies, fast. When William suggests Mike try out for the coed cheerleading squad, the Northeastern University Cobras, Mike mans up and lands his

This is not my (heart)

Kevin Lucas is not a girl, even if he did just wake up as one. He’s handling it pretty well though; especially once he gets some highly unexpected help from Mike Carden, William Beckett, and Brendon Urie, who isn’t a

With an If In Its Soul

Kevin walked down the corridor with his nose in his English notes, trying desperately to sort out his Cordelia’s from his Ophelia’s before the test in first period English. He ducked Macy’s wildly swung hockey stick, stepped around Joe and

Series || One Boy Headstrong

When Kevin Jonas and his brothers on the Lovebug encounter a mechanical problem, they aren’t expecting an injured stowaway to be responsible. The last few years have been tough on Card, and he wasn’t expecting to find anyone who’d take

These Words About a Girl

“It’s more or less forgotten until the VMAs- when Bill- fucking Bill- appears at Mike’s elbow and goes, “Michael, I’ve mentioned Demi to you before, haven’t I? Oh, and this is her bosom companion, Miss Katherine Jonas.”*

Four Times Mike Carden and Kevin Jonas Didn’t Have Sex

Four Times Mike Carden and Kevin Jonas Didn’t Have Sex (And One Time They Did, And It Was Totally Worth The Wait) Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas (yes, THAT Kevin Jonas)*

Tie Your Handlebars to the Stars (And Throw Away the Map)

In which Kevin Jonas gets lost twice and is found each time, and Mike Carden is almost (but really not) a fourteen-year-old girl. Or, a story about getting lost and finding more than just your way.*

Would You Believe Me (if I said I didn’t need you)

Marengo Tower was the Tower for wayward Talents, those who had been sent to the edge of the galaxy to rot. It was a punishment duty, though of course no-one ever called it that. So how on Earth or off

He Don’t Even Know That

It all starts — No, really it starts when Mike picks up the phone after TAI’s set, when they’re back on the bus and heading for — fuck, he doesn’t know, somewhere else they’re supposed to be. Or maybe it

Must Seem So Strange

Mike doesn’t really know how these things happen to him. No, wait, he does. He can totally blame it on Bill. Kevin doesn’t really know how these things happen to him. It’s possible he was a disobedient lemur in a

Right Where We’re Supposed to Be

The week that all of Kevin’s friends leave to go to college, he turns off the phone and plays eight different games of Monopoly with Nick.*

Bulletproof Heart; a Robin Hood AU

Kevin Jonas, resident Maid Marian, is the eldest son of an infamous crime lord, and he is quiet, polite, shy, and very obedient. At least, until his sprawling suburban home is burglarized by Mike Carden, resident Robin Hood (sort of).*


Kevin has a big, fat crush and a guitar class with Mike. Did I mention Kevin shares a dorm room with one Adam T. Siska… or that Mike happens to live with Bill who basically runs campus? Meanwhile the band

Somewhere Between the Lines

After the Jonas Brothers stopped being the Jonas Brothers and went back to being the plan old Jonas brothers, Joe went to LA to work in movies, Nick went to New York to work on music, and Frankie rebelled and

Boys On the Radio

Every Saturday night, every teenager in town tuned into Radio Freedom. Mike’s their biggest fan, and that was before he met their star DJ. Otherwise known as the pirate-radio AU.*

If You Love Me So

“We’ll get it, and it’ll be cute for a day, and then I’ll be the one stuck feeding it and cleaning up after it,” Kevin says, trying to aim for his mom’s scary face and probably falling flat, because Mike

Making Other Plans

Kevin quits showbiz, gets a divorce, goes to college, starts a band, and gets adopted by crazy people.*

Feathers Everywhere But It’s Fine

Mike is an angry 17 year old who’s been exiled from home for the summer while his parents finalize their divorce. Shipped off to William’s place, he’s startled to find that William has somehow found himself a shifty older boy

When You Know It’s Meant To Be

In which Kevin realizes Mike is his Disney princess, and Mike realizes Kevin would look hot naked.*

Tiding of Comfort and Joy

In which Kevin is a sad little elf, and Mike panics and buys way the fuck too much tinsel.*

Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We’re Dating

When Pete Wentz throws a Halloween party, he doesn’t just set out some pumpkins and peeled grapes. After due consideration and some time with the other guests (for values of ‘other guests’ that mean ‘Mike Carden’), Kevin is glad.*

Some Kind of Magic

Mike doesn’t know what to make of the scene in his backyard.*

Half a Jonas

Where Kevin is only half a son, Nick has got Miley pregnant, Joe has chosen the wrong Taylor and Frankie is two years shy of a teenage rebellion that will put everyone else’s to shame.*

When I’m Around Her

It turns out coming to terms with a shift in sexual orientation isn’t any easier the second time around.*

Road Dogs: Eleventy, Hot Messes: Sixty-Nine

FBR’s Hot Messes versus the Jonas Brothers’ Road Dogs in an epic battle of the softball titans.*

Falling Through the Night, Rising From the Ashes

Kevin’s confession loses him one family, gains him one; he still manages to come out ahead, somehow.*

Employee of the Month

When Carden shoplifts from the Jonas Family corner store, he has to work it off as punishment. With bonus charming-slash-harrassing Beckett.*

Never Needed It Now So Much

“Um.” Kevin twists his fingers together and tries to think of a non-pathetic way to beg Carden not to kill and eat him. He’d totally be gamey and, like, like—juicy and tender, *oh sweet baby Jesus*, who the heck is

In the Movement

“Notice how the skinny tie makes him look less like he’s carrying shrunken baby heads around in his pockets.”* Follows Dancing Goes All Night.