Strange Hungers

It’s weird at first, knowing that Logan is interested in him.*

Silk Over Splinters

Bare feet scuff on aged hardwood.*


Remy didn’t have the luxury of fooling himself that way.*

Guilt’s Sorrow

Scott glared at the floor, the tint of his visor giving it a blood-soaked appearance.*


Scott just sat in the dark corner of the pub and glared his ex-lover.*

Diamond in the Rough

Based on the Long-Nosed Princess. A little schmoopy, but still. Can’t help it.

Come Back to Me

Remy struggles with Logan’s decision to leave to find answers to his past.*

The Thrill Is Gone

Logan enjoys people-watching and meets an interesting young man.*


An AU version of Remy’s introduction and subsequent joining of the X-Men.*


Gambit meets up with Wolverine at an underground BDSM club and may have bitten off more than he can chew.*


Five minutes. Forty-six seconds.*

Spring Break Up

Wolverine finds Gambit in New Zealand, Christchurch to be exact, huddled on a bench under pretty trees in a lovely park.*

Mental Scrapbook

Memory is an odd thing. The day to day bullshit slowly fades away until it leaves nothing behind but a vague “emotional” tone or color. A feeling. However, every now and then certain details, usually surrounding *intense* emotional times, stay

Parry and Thrust

Gambit’s been taunting him all day. Taking cheap shots when no one’s looking. Sticking that damn bostaff in places it should never, *ever* be. Blitzing him with charged playing cards that mysteriously keep missing the intended target. *

Strange Hunters

“It’s weird at first, knowing that Logan is interested in him.”*


“Logan’s there when Remy gets back to his hotel room.” * Sequel to Parry and Thrust.

With Every Beat of My Heart

Logan finds insight into what he’s lost and how to approach what he could gain.*

After the Pain

Remy’s relationship with Rogue is hurting him more then anyone knows. Can Logan show him what love really is?

Silk Over Splinters

Bare feet scuff on aged hardwood.*

Losing You to Those Before

Remy is captured and killed during a mission, devestating the whole team. Will things be the same when Remy is found alive? Will Remy survive finding his lost family?*