Series || Shenny Cooper for the Win

A collection of self-contained drabbles and ficlets which celebrate all things Shenny and seek to bring together our favourite Whack-a-Doodle and Warrior Princess while (hopefully) still keeping them in character.

The Protocol for Love and Logic

When Penny and Sheldon decided to communicate in a foreign language to strengthen themselves in the battlefield neither truly anticipated the results.

The Road Ahead Is Clear Again

Penny’s had enough of being a failure. If she can’t succeed at what she wants to, then damn it, she’s going to succeed at what she knows she’s good at.

The Paladin Protocol

In which Penny finds a fun alternative to paintball, and Sheldon dusts off an old skill. And everything starts to change.*

Apocalypse Week

Sheldon Cooper is crazy, but also kind of made of awesomeness. Or at least that’s how Howard puts it. Penny thinks there’s a possibility he’s made of sexy, and really, the world must be ending if she has to suppress

Daily Occurences

Sheldon’s turning thirty. To Penny’s shock, that’s the age of a mid-life crisis for a theoretical physicist. She’ll help Sheldon face himself and his biggest nemesis – Kripke and his widdicule. (Little rough in the first couple of chapters, but

Our Life Is Like a Movie Script

Penny has plans. Sheldon finds them acceptable.

The Dactylic Hexameter

Sheldon and Penny are friends. Right?

Pandora’s Box

After he asks her for advice on how to take his relationship with Amy to the next level, Sheldon and Penny are drawn to each other. How far will they take their attraction, and what will it cost them?*

Sheldon’s Girlfriend

Sheldon and Penny decide to date.*

Diygotic Variance in 4A

What If: Missy was Sheldon’s roommate instead of Leonard. Penny moves across the hall from her friend Missy and Missy’s crazy brother, only she doesn’t seem to find Sheldon as nuts as his sister claims him to be. Instead, he’s

The Last of Us

The thought of leaving has never occurred to her. It’s not always easy but she can’t imagine not seeing him everyday. A force that drives her now to be by his side when he needs her the most. Fighting the

Series || Life, the Universe, and Everything

Penny thinks Sheldon is asexual. Sheldon begs to differ.*


I’m continuing with “Broken” since it won’t leave me alone. Much like Penny, I don’t know where we’ll end up but enjoy the journey at least. Summary: Things heat up in Texas*


Penny is the glue that holds the three of them together.*

The Pon Farr Hypothesis

Starting with the pilot. Sheldon thought a homo novus was immune to seduction and physical allure. But when a beautiful, mouthy neighbor elicits new sensations in him, Sheldon must discover a novel side of himself he never anticipated.*

The Reverse Crush Conundrum

Everyone was so focused on Leonard’s crush on Penny that her all-consuming crush on Sheldon goes unnoticed. When Sheldon finds out about her feelings, they go on an emotional and physical journey neither of them saw coming.*

The Shower Seduction

Penny’s borrowing the boys shower once more but Sheldon has different ideas.*

But I Continue Learning

Penny and Sheldon begin a secret affair. They don’t want to hurt Leonard or Amy, but will they?*

Series || Trying Something New

Sheldon’s stuck, and goes to the one person he deems most capable of turning off their higher brain functions. Wackiness ensues.*