After the death of his wife, Mr. Bennet realizes that he must take responsibility for his four young daughters.

the way you nod after everything i say (like it actually means something to you)

“You know Clarke texts you, like, every twelve seconds, right?” Octavia asks, when his phone buzzes at lunch one Sunday. He glances down, sees Clarke has said, yeah okay but is there actually more than one nicholas sparks movie or


A tale of wizardry, enchantment, disenchantment and the good and the bad, all thrown in with the characters of Pride and Prejudice.

Nature of the Beast

Darcy has only had a few months to learn to control himself as a werewolf when he accompanies Bingley to Netherfield, where he meets Elizabeth who has strong magic with plants and animals, and Wickham, the werewolf who turned him.

A Two Days’ Courtship

Freshly engaged, Elizabeth and Darcy adjust to their new relationship.

Put Love On Hold

Darcy is an omega who has been on suppressants for years, and doesn’t know the first thing about her own biology. When she makes it out of a hostage situation in one piece thanks to a certain supersoldier (or two),

To Shame the Devil

It’s not like Nate’s never been picked up in a bar before, but he doesn’t ever remember it going quite like this. In his experience, gorgeous, stacked, and insanely tall blondes who look like they should be gracing the cover

Nothing Wanting

Unable to stop Elizabeth and Darcy’s wedding, Lady Catherine instead attempts to interfere with their marital bliss.

Let Me Be Your Good Night

“Y’know,” Tyler says slyly, like she’s about to be a little shit. “You don’t have to go down on me if you don’t want to.” Jamie can hear her grin, and he groans, dropping his forehead to her collarbone. “I

Of Time Gone By

A tragic childhood illness changed the life of Fitzwilliam Darcy. When he meets a young gentlewoman named Elizabeth Bennet, his world is transformed again.

The Protocol for Love and Logic

When Penny and Sheldon decided to communicate in a foreign language to strengthen themselves in the battlefield neither truly anticipated the results.

Better Than Anything

Adventures in the art of getting Felicity to come (yes, it’s exactly that smutty).

Till Dick Do Us Part

“Don’t let it weird you out that Logan and I are married,” Dick says. “It’s just a convenience thing, and I won’t stand in your way.”

Some Other Beginning’s End

Everyone here seems to relax in the knowledge that it’s over. But, for Claire, it feels like it’s just begun.

Let Not Light See

Killian wipes the blood of the dagger off on the crocodile’s tunic, steps out of the cell, and gazes at the new name in the dim light. Killian Jones.

Up and Out

It’s not like Jamie wants to have a dick all the time.

Good Lines

Tyler doesn’t quite know what to make of Jamie.

Des Plus Brillants Exploits

“Vancouver!” Sid turns and shouts at the last second as she goes through the doors. “Vancouver!” Geno yells back.* Faaaaaaaaaaavorite.

What Happens In Bangkok Totally Doesn’t Stay in Bangkok

Wherein Darcy is just trying to live her life in the midst of all this chaos (And, boy, is there ever chaos.) but the universe… well, the universe is one twisted bitch. Or the one where Darcy’s mother chooses the

Blessing In Your Battles

“I’d be a mess without you, Claire.” “You’re a mess now,” she murmurs. “But I’m your mess.” or: Claire recovers. Sometimes Owen is there to help, sometimes she’s there to help him.


Most of Owen’s family were shifters. As it turned out, Owen wasn’t any different. (What he could shift into, on the other hand…)

Deflect and Absorb

“You know me: act first, think later.” It’s not like he expected them to hop off that island and go at it like unsupervised teens at summer camp, but at this rate, they’re a board game and bingo night away

Fallen Empires

Sequel to This Isn’t Everything You Are. Six months after their return from Wonderland, Emma and Killian are still adjusting to their life together. But will something – or someone – conspire to destroy it?

This Isn’t Everything You Are

In fairy tale land Hook saves Emma from Cora, and in Storybrooke Emma saves Hook from Rumple.


After the incident and leaving the warehouse, Owen sees something. He sees it. But he can’t believe it.

More Than a Memory

He didn’t remember much – and he didn’t remember her. The accident changed their lives and sent Emma into a tailspin, desperately waiting for Killian to come back to her. But when he finally wakes up from his coma, the

Series || Road to Joy

Jane hired Darcy because she was the only applicant- but why did a political science student want a physics internship? Turns out, she just needed to get away from the bruises and the black eyes. She goes to New Mexico

Poem Without Words

Looking to make some extra money, college senior Emma Swan takes a post as a model for Professor Killian Jones’ art class. Sparks fly on both sides. Will they give into temptation?

His Dark Beauty

Emma Shepherd has worked and managed her family’s farm alone since the deaths of her parents, fending off would-be suitors and land-hungry competition. A chance meeting with a young girl in the marketplace leads to an audience with Prince Killian…


AU. Professor Killian Jones, a mysterious Irish scholar, and Emma Nolan, a college sophomore from a sleepy little town in Maine, cross paths at Boston College. Neither of them could have imagined what would happen next.