Uluru Steak

Yancy takes the Hansens’ offer to visit his new head chef in Las Vegas. Raleigh comes along. (Jaz doesn’t)

Gipsy Cafe

After his mom’s death, Yancy’s struggling to keep her cafe open and his family afloat. But when Jaz lands them a spot on Restaurant Rescue, the Hansens’ extremely popular reality show, his life gets a hell of a lot more

Series || Four Hearts Are Better Than One

It’s the end of the day, and they’re on freaking vacation, so Yancy decides he wants to relax in their in-suite jacuzzi bathtub. His boyfriends have other ideas.

On the Care and Feeding of Marines, By Walt, Aged 23 and a Half, and Ray, Aged 25

When Ray’s cover is blown re: pet-name, he just hangs around the mouth of the nearest dark alley for a bit after the next Bravo 2 reunion, and then threatens Brad with MAD. Ray’s honestly surprised the LT lets him


Thinking back now, he should have realized any relationship built on sex that left him nearly catatonic was only going to drive them all to an early grave.*

Drama!AU Snippets

The room looks exactly like it did the day Brendon moved in, now that it’s empty of all of his and Spencer’s stuff. He’s sitting on his stripped bed, and the plastic mattress covering crinkles every time he shifts his

It Depends on Whose Doorway You Walk Through

Brendon shifts his weight from foot to foot, and tries to keep his expression casually disinterested as he scans the bulletin board outside of the student activities office.*

Your Wish Is Granted

“Spencer,” Brendon said slowly, looking at each of them in turn, “what exactly did you wish for?”*


A scenario in which Pete, Andy, and Joe all push bathroom doors open just a little so that they can listen to Trish get herself off in the shower.*

Sniper Slut in Tokyo

Irvine knew talent when he saw it.* First in the Sniper Slut in Tokyo series.


They were a distraction. They were dangerous.* Second in the Sniper Slut in Tokyo series.

The Second Law of Panic at the Disco

Er, a while back we were goofing around with the Laws of Panic at the Disco and we came up with ten.*

Clearly Aware of the Stars

Among Brendon’s finest moments were the first time he played a concerto on the piano at home, the day he discovered Queen, and his seventh kiss. The day he wore a shirt to school that proclaimed in Spanish ‘My mother

Your Axis on a Tilt

The day that Ryan disappeared was the same day the beagle puppy turned up at the shelter.*

Spoils of War

So that’s what happened to Brendon’s shirt.*

The Present and the Distance

There are 17,508 islands in Indonesia, about 6,000 of which are inhabited. On August 31, 2008, returning from an Australian tour in the middle of the year’s most violent storm to date, a plane carrying Panic at the Disco loses