Series || On Life’s Weary Seas

Herc gets tired of waiting for Raleigh and Chuck to make up after their fight. So, like any good father and friend, he forces the issue.

Uluru Steak

Yancy takes the Hansens’ offer to visit his new head chef in Las Vegas. Raleigh comes along. (Jaz doesn’t)

Gipsy Cafe

After his mom’s death, Yancy’s struggling to keep her cafe open and his family afloat. But when Jaz lands them a spot on Restaurant Rescue, the Hansens’ extremely popular reality show, his life gets a hell of a lot more

Series || Yancy’s Badonkadick

Yancy’s hung like a horse; Raleigh plans to take him for a ride.

Series || Four Hearts Are Better Than One

It’s the end of the day, and they’re on freaking vacation, so Yancy decides he wants to relax in their in-suite jacuzzi bathtub. His boyfriends have other ideas.


The Becket brothers’ future as a jaeger pilot team falls apart before they even see Gypsy Danger. Now they’ll both have to find a new life, and there’s still a war on that they can’t lose. Raleigh has to take

The Starving Faithful

Yancy makes a post to an online forum confessing his darkest secret. Raleigh answers, not knowing it’s his brother.

Somewhere Only We Know

There are things Max knows. People like to think that because he spent half his life – and the entirety of his young adult years, which are important to people for some reason – as a dog that he doesn’t

To Honor Losses

Sam finds out that Dean had ambitions, that he once wanted and came close to being normal. Bobby gives them a case where Dean’s dreams may finally come true.*

Green and Gamboge

Sam first notices the weird dinging noise in Paducah, and by the time they hit Kansas City, it’s a full-on clank and rattle, the car thumping rhythmically every time the engine turns over.*

Last Outpost of All That Is

The world is over, and it’s a Winchester’s lot in life to cope with anything – no matter what.*

Find a Home

Loki lets his head fall back, a despairing smile baring his teeth. “What do you mean by home?”

Like a Fish Out of Water

AU after Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie. During the final battle with the Leviathans, God finally makes an appearance and deigns to intervene. After granting Sam and Dean a few final requests, he ‘packs his bags’ and takes everything supernatural in

Keeps Them Coming Back for More

“Up for one more round?” he asked, voice low and rough.*


Set in a world where competitive team stunt biking shows – explosive entertainment performances full of tricks, talent, fireworks and music – dominate the world of freestyle motocross biking, this story follows Sam and Dean Winchester as they deal with

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

The one where Dean is a pediatric neurosurgeon and Sam is a law student and they figure out they’re in love.*

How to Find Your Dragon

Vikings rely on their dragons for just about everything. So Bill, the village’s only dragonless Viking, is destined for a lifetime of misery, solitude, and all-around loserdom. Or is he?*

My Best Friend’s Brother

Tom had a crush on Georg for years, but Georg’s younger brother Bill comes crashing into his life, as a replacement or maybe something more…*

Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Bill opened the D-SQUARED fashion show in Milan, and Tom was in the first row.*

Between Breathing and Daydreaming

They ride on the same train, every day without fail, to jobs that they just don’t care for anymore. And everyday at the same time, one of them is thinking up stories about the other’s life, while said other sits


Bill entered Kinetic, Berlin’s newest nightclub, because he wanted to take a break from his usual weekend spot. Bill came back to Kinetic the weekend after that because he wanted to catch a break from the silent DJ, who only

Don’t Get Yourself in Situations

Bill’s been on the move for years, and so accustomed to keeping her heart closed off due to self-protection she’s a little out of touch with how others perceive her. Tommy’s used to getting everything she wants, but has never

Safe From Harm

Bill Trumper, also known as Billy Future, lead singer of Chasing Fire, needs a new bodyguard. Could his ex-boyfriend, Tom, be the man for the job?*

The Price of Love

Tom’s a warrior and Bill’s a sorcerer, and they are secret lovers who serve the warlord Georg. Although married to Gustav, Georg is being swept by love’s madness inexorably towards Tom. Circumstances then force Georg to marry Tom to save

When You Wish

When Bill makes a wish on the first star of the night, he wishes for the perfect man. …what he gets is an inconsiderate jerk named Tom.*


At the edge of the world, in a disease ridden desert, can two strangers find a way to survive?*

Must Love Dogs

After sifting through canine nutritionists, pet psychologists, and professional dog trainers, singer Bill Kaulitz hires handsome dog walker Tom Trümper to look after his babies. Will he get more than just another employee?


As the prompt above mentions, the twins are currently in separate countries. What I want is Bill’s return home (or Tom’s arrival in the US). Fluff, porn or both.*

Asking For It

Bill wants Tom to eat him out but isn’t sure how to ask for it. Cookies for porn!*